Ultimate Gaming Combo Unleashed: Cheap Keyboard & Mouse Reviewed

Ultimate Gaming Combo Unleashed: Cheap Keyboard & Mouse Reviewed

Looking for the ultimate gaming keyboard and mouse combo that will take your gaming experience to the next level? Look no further than the CHONCHOW 87 Keys TKL Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo! From the moment we unboxed this powerhouse duo, we were blown away by its⁤ sleek ‌design and impressive features. With 19 anti-ghosting keys, customizable arrow keys, and a rainbow LED backlight, this ⁢combo⁣ is a must-have for any serious ​gamer. Stay tuned as we‍ dive‌ into our ​first-hand experience with the CHONCHOW gaming keyboard and mouse‍ combo and discover why⁢ it’s a game-changer for PS4, ‍Xbox, PC, laptop, and Mac ​gaming enthusiasts.

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The CHONCHOW ​87 Keys TKL Gaming ‍Keyboard and Mouse Combo is designed to take‍ your gaming experience to the next level.‍ With 19 anti-ghosting keys and​ switchable arrow keys, this keyboard allows​ for seamless gameplay without any conflicts.‍ The ergonomic design of the ‍gaming mouse ensures that⁤ your hands won’t tire ​after long gaming sessions, providing you with comfort and precision.

The ⁣7-color ⁢breathing LED light of the gaming‍ mouse creates a vibrant gaming atmosphere, ⁣and the⁢ 4 adjustable ‌DPI levels allow for personalized sensitivity settings. The high-performance membrane⁤ keyboard with multimedia keys and​ interchangeable ​WASD keys enhances your ‌gaming performance, while the‌ delicate mouse pad provides a smooth surface for precise mouse movements. With⁣ strong compatibility ‌across various devices and a 30-day ⁣refund or replacement guarantee, this gaming ⁤keyboard⁣ and mouse combo is a must-have for ⁢any gaming enthusiast. Check it out on Amazon for a truly immersive gaming experience! Click here to learn more.

Key Features and Specifications

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The CHONCHOW 87 ​Keys ‌TKL Gaming‍ Keyboard and⁣ Mouse Combo offers a range⁤ of that cater to both gaming enthusiasts and casual users. With 19 anti-ghosting keys, ‌you can rest assured that your keystrokes will be registered accurately, enhancing your‌ overall‍ gaming‍ performance. The ability to switch arrow keys according to your game habits provides flexibility and customization to suit your unique gaming style. Moreover, the strong compatibility of this combo with various devices such as PC, laptop, PS4, Xbox, and Mac ensures ‍versatility‌ and ease of use across different platforms.

The rainbow LED keyboard with‍ two lighting modes and three levels of brightness allows you to create​ a⁤ personalized gaming atmosphere. The high-performance membrane keyboard features 12 multimedia⁢ keys for efficient gaming ⁤operations or work tasks. Additionally, the wired ​gaming mouse with adjustable DPI levels and 7 ⁣color breathing lights provides precise control and enhances your gaming experience. The delicate mouse pad⁢ included in the combo offers a comfortable surface for mouse movement and wrist ⁢support. Overall, the CHONCHOW gaming keyboard and mouse combo is a reliable and compact solution for gamers looking for an affordable and feature-rich gaming accessory. Ready to elevate your gaming experience? Check​ out the product on Amazon and take advantage ‌of its impressive ‍features and specifications.

Detailed Insights and Performance

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With 19 anti-ghosting keys⁢ tailored for gamers, the⁢ CHONCHOW 87⁢ Keys TKL Gaming Keyboard ensures⁢ that every key press registers accurately, providing a seamless gaming experience. We appreciate the ability to ⁤switch between WASD‌ and arrow keys based‌ on personal gaming preferences, allowing for​ optimized gaming performance tailored to individual habits. The‌ keyboard’s strong compatibility with various ​platforms, including PC, laptop, PS4, Xbox, ⁤and Mac, makes it ⁢a versatile gaming⁤ companion for a ‌wide range of gamers without the need for additional​ drivers.

The ⁣RGB gaming⁢ mouse, with its 7-color breathing light feature, adds a vibrant touch⁤ to gaming setups, enhancing the overall gaming atmosphere. The ergonomic design of the ⁢mouse ⁣ensures comfort​ for extended gaming sessions, thanks to its shape crafted to prevent finger fatigue. We also love the precision offered by the 4 adjustable DPI levels, ranging from 800 to 3200, catering to ‍different users and gaming scenarios. For those‍ seeking a complete gaming ⁢experience, the CHONCHOW combo’s ergonomic mouse pad further complements‌ the setup, providing‌ a smooth and spacious surface ⁤for precise ​mouse movements. Elevate your gaming setup with this high-performance keyboard ‌and mouse combo that offers both functionality ‍and style. Buy‌ Now.


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In terms of , we found that ⁣the 87 Keys TKL Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo by CHONCHOW offers a fantastic blend of performance and affordability. The 19 anti-ghosting keys ensure a smooth gaming experience without any conflicts, allowing‍ you ⁤to fully ‌immerse yourself in gameplay.‌ We particularly enjoyed the ergonomic design of the gaming mouse, which ⁢fits comfortably in hand and prevents fatigue during long gaming sessions.

Additionally, the strong compatibility of‌ this keyboard and mouse ⁢combo with various platforms such as PC, laptop, PS4, Xbox, and Mac makes it a versatile choice for gamers. The rainbow LED keyboard ​with customizable lighting modes and the‌ high-precision sensor of the ⁤wired‌ gaming​ mouse are great features ‍that enhance the overall gaming ‌experience. If you’re looking‍ for a budget-friendly gaming⁢ keyboard ​and mouse ⁤combo that doesn’t compromise ‌on performance, this CHONCHOW set is definitely worth considering. Check it‍ out ⁢on Amazon to take ‌your ⁢gaming setup to the next level!

Customer Reviews ⁤Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the CHONCHOW⁢ 87 Keys TKL Gaming Keyboard and Mouse ‌Combo,‍ we found a range⁣ of opinions regarding this product. Let’s break it down:

Positive ‌Reviews

Review Rating
Very low price ‍and⁣ does the job. Gaming and‍ all other computer functions work with no problems. ‍Highly recommend. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Quality is ⁢great ⁤for price. 🌟🌟🌟🌟
I⁣ really like how they both connect⁣ to my Xbox. It really comes in handy with games I play with ‍my granddaughter. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Negative Reviews

Review Rating
The keyboard looks great, ‌but within 6 ‍hours of it ​having been plugged in it has already stopped responding. It works⁣ again after unplugging ‌and plugging it back in, but⁢ that’s still not great for gaming,‌ which is what this is advertised ⁢and even labeled as being for. 🌟
Its not a mechanical keyboard…its⁢ membranal…not good ​quality. 🌟

Overall, the⁢ CHONCHOW Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo offers a budget-friendly option for ‍gamers ​looking ⁤for basic functionality. While‌ some users have experienced issues with responsiveness and build quality, others have found it ⁢to be‍ satisfactory for their gaming ‌needs. It’s​ important to consider the mixed feedback before making a purchase decision.

Pros ⁤& Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • 19 keys⁢ anti-ghosting ⁤feature⁢ ensures​ perfect game performance
  • Switchable‍ arrow keys cater to different ‌gaming habits
  • Strong ​compatibility with multiple devices such as ⁤PC, laptop, PS4, Xbox, etc.
  • 7 color breathing gaming mouse enhances gaming atmosphere
  • 4 adjustable DPI levels for precise control
  • Ergonomic design of gaming mouse for comfortable use
  • Rainbow LED keyboard with multiple lighting‍ modes
  • High-performance membrane keyboard with multimedia keys
  • Compact 87-key design saves desktop space
  • Delicate mouse pad with comfortable wrist support
  • Backlit gaming keyboard and mouse suitable for ​various operating systems
  • After-sales guarantee with refund or replacement options


  • Does not ⁣support customization of keyboard backlight to single color
  • Limited number of DPI options for​ the mouse
  • Mouse size may ⁢not be suitable for larger hands
  • Some ⁤users may prefer a wireless option for more flexibility


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Q: Can the CHONCHOW 87 Keys TKL‌ Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo be used with a PS4 or Xbox?
A: Yes, ​this gaming keyboard⁣ and mouse combo ⁤is compatible with PS4,⁣ PS5, Xbox, PC, laptop, and ⁤Mac.

Q: Does the keyboard have anti-ghosting keys?
A: Yes, the keyboard ⁤features 19 anti-ghosting keys, ensuring smooth⁣ and accurate typing during gaming sessions.

Q: Are the mouse DPI settings adjustable?
A: Yes, the gaming mouse has 4 adjustable DPI settings ranging ⁣from 800 to 3200,⁤ allowing for precise and smooth⁢ control.

Q: How is the mouse pad in ‌terms of quality?
A: The mouse‍ pad is made of‍ high-quality materials, providing a comfortable wrist ​support and ensuring that it doesn’t slip off the table during use.

Q: Is the CHONCHOW gaming keyboard and mouse combo easy to set up?
A: Yes, it ⁣is very easy to ​set up as it is a plug⁤ and play device, requiring no additional​ drivers for installation.

Q: What is the warranty for this product?
A:​ The⁣ CHONCHOW gaming keyboard and⁢ mouse combo ‌comes with a 30-day refund or replacement guarantee and a 12-month warranty for any quality issues.

Q: Can the keyboard backlight ⁣color be changed?
A: The keyboard offers 2 lighting modes and 3 levels of brightness, but the backlight color cannot be changed to one specific color.

Q: ⁣Is the mouse ergonomic?
A: Yes, the gaming mouse has been ergonomically designed to ensure comfort during long gaming sessions, allowing for a better gaming experience.

Q: Does‍ the keyboard have multimedia keys?
A: Yes, the keyboard features 12 ⁢multimedia‍ keys⁢ to facilitate ⁢gaming operations and improve work efficiency.

Embrace a New Era

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As we come to the end of our review, it’s‍ clear that the CHONCHOW 87 Keys TKL⁢ Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a budget-friendly option packed with features that are sure to enhance your gaming experience. With 19 anti-ghosting keys, customizable arrow keys, ‍and​ a high-performance gaming mouse with adjustable ⁤DPI, this combo is perfect ‍for gamers of all levels.

The rainbow LED keyboard and ⁤ergonomic design⁢ of the mouse add a ⁢touch of style to your gaming setup, while the strong compatibility⁤ ensures you can use this combo across multiple platforms.

If you’re ready to take ‌your gaming to the next ⁣level, click here to add​ the CHONCHOW 87 Keys ‌TKL Gaming Keyboard and⁣ Mouse Combo to your cart now!

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Happy gaming!

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