The Ultimate Power Solution: T-Power AC DC Adapter for 2Wire ATT Modem & Router

The Ultimate Power Solution: T-Power AC DC Adapter for 2Wire ATT Modem & Router

Welcome to our product review blog post! Today, we will be sharing⁣ our first-hand experience with the T-Power (6.6ft Long Cable) 5V‌ AC DC​ Adapter. ‌This adapter is‍ specifically designed for the 2Wire ⁤ATT 2701HG-B Modem, Wireless‍ 2700 HG-B, 2700HG-B, 2700HGV-E, ⁢and 2700HG routers. With its brand-new input volt range of 110-240V and 5V⁤ DC compatibility,‌ this adapter ensures a ⁣reliable and efficient power supply for ​your devices.

One standout feature of the⁣ T-Power adapter is its 6.6 feet extra-long cable. ‌This‌ provides you with ample length to connect⁢ your devices, even if they are not located ​close to a power outlet. No more dealing with short cables and awkward positioning of⁤ your routers or modems!

We were impressed with the quality of materials ‌used in ​the manufacturing of this adapter. T-Power⁤ has taken⁤ great care⁤ to include multiple ⁢smart features that safeguard against IV (incorrect voltage), SC‌ (short circuit), and IO (internal overheating). This reassured us that our devices would be protected while using this​ adapter.

Another great aspect of the T-Power⁣ adapter is its compatibility with various​ devices. In addition to⁢ the ⁢2Wire ATT 2701HG-B Modem and Wireless 2700 ​HG-B routers, it is​ also compatible with models such as 1701HG, 2700HG, 2701HG-B,⁤ GPUSW0512000CD3S Router, Steam Link, and ⁢IOGEAR GCS1742 KVM Switches. Before placing your‍ order, T-Power ‍recommends double-checking the model number to ensure a perfect match.

Overall, we found ⁣the T-Power (6.6ft‌ Long Cable) 5V AC DC Adapter to be a reliable and efficient power supply for our devices. Its ‌high-quality construction⁤ and smart features gave us confidence in its performance. If ‌you’re⁤ in need of a new adapter for your ⁤2Wire ATT modem or ‌wireless router, we highly recommend giving this⁢ one a try. Stay tuned for more⁢ product reviews from us in the future!

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We recently purchased the T-Power‌ (6.6ft⁢ Long Cable) 5V AC⁣ DC Adapter and we have been extremely satisfied with its performance. This adapter is made with the highest quality materials and comes with‍ a⁤ long 6.6 feet cable that allows for ⁤convenient placement. It ​has a⁤ wide input‌ voltage range of 110-240V and is compatible with various 2Wire ATT ‍modems, routers, Steam ⁤Link‌ devices, and IOGEAR KVM switches.

One⁢ of ⁣the standout‌ features⁤ of the ⁤T-Power adapter is ⁣its‌ exceptional compatibility. It works seamlessly with 2Wire​ ATT 2701HG-B Modem Wireless 2700 HG-B, 2700HG-B, 2700HGV-E, 2700HG, ⁣1701HG, 2701HG, and GPUSW0512000CD3S Router. ⁣Additionally, it is also compatible with Steam Link devices, allowing you‍ to play games on your TV using the⁤ Steam Link Power Supply. Furthermore, it can be used with IOGEAR GCS1742 ​KVM Switches.

With safety in mind, the T-Power adapter includes multiple smart features‌ to ​safeguard against IV (incorrect voltage), SC (short circuit), and IO (internal overheating). It is also CE/FCC/RoHS certified, giving you peace ⁢of mind regarding its reliability and safety. Overall, we ‌highly recommend⁣ the ‍T-Power (6.6ft‍ Long Cable) 5V AC DC Adapter for ‌its ​excellent ‌compatibility, quality construction, and reliable performance. If you’re in need of a ⁤new power supply cord for your devices, consider⁣ purchasing this ‍adapter from here.

Key Features and Highlights

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Our​ T-Power AC DC Adapter is designed‌ with the highest quality materials and features an extra-long 6.6 feet cable, providing you with flexibility and convenience.‍ With an input voltage range of 110-240V and 5V DC compatibility, this adapter is⁣ suitable ⁤for use with the 2Wire ATT 2701HG-B Modem,​ Wireless 2700 HG-B, 2700HG-B, ⁢2700HGV-E, and 2700HG routers.

One of the key highlights of this adapter is its wide compatibility. It is also compatible with other models such as 1701HG, 2700HG, ‍2701HG, 2701HG-B, 1701HG, and GPUSW0512000CD3S routers. Additionally, it ⁤can be used as ⁣a power supply for⁤ the Steam Link, allowing you to play games on ⁣your TV using this device. It ‍is also compatible with IOGEAR GCS1742 KVM ‌switches, ⁤providing you with even more versatility.

We take pride in ⁢manufacturing our T-Power AC⁣ DC Adapter‌ with the highest quality‌ materials. ‍It includes multiple smart features that safeguard against incorrect voltage (IV), short circuit (SC), ​and internal overheating (IO). This​ ensures the⁣ safety ‌and ⁣protection of your devices. Rest ⁢assured that our adapter ‍is ‌CE/FCC/RoHS ⁤certified,​ meeting ‍the necessary standards for quality and performance.

If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile‌ adapter for your 2Wire​ ATT ​modem, ​routers, Steam Link, or IOGEAR KVM switches, our​ T-Power AC DC Adapter ‌is the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on ​this high-quality product – ​click here ⁢to purchase it now and enhance‍ your device’s performance.

Detailed ⁤Insights and‌ Recommendations


Our ​team​ has thoroughly examined the ⁣T-Power (6.6ft Long Cable) 5V ‍AC DC Adapter ⁤and ‍we are here to provide you with . This ⁣adapter is made with the highest quality⁣ materials and comes ‌with a 6.6 feet long cable, ‍providing you with the flexibility​ and convenience you need.

One of the standout features of⁢ this adapter is its wide compatibility. It is specifically designed for ‍2Wire ATT 2701HG-B Modem Wireless 2700 HG-B 2700HG-B, 2700HGV-E 2700HG, 1701HG, 2700HG, and 2701HG routers.‍ It ⁤is also compatible with GPUSW0512000CD3S Router, Steam ‌Link Played Game on Your TV Using Steam Link Power Supply, and IOGEAR GCS1742 KVM ​Switches. This makes it​ a versatile ‍option for various devices and ensures that⁤ you can⁣ use it with multiple devices​ without any compatibility issues.

In addition to its compatibility, this adapter also boasts multiple‌ smart features that safeguard against IV (incorrect voltage), SC (short circuit), and IO (internal⁣ overheating). This not only ensures ⁣the safety of your devices but also prolongs the lifespan of the ⁤adapter itself. It is also worth mentioning that this product is CE/FCC/RoHS certified, further ‌attesting to its ⁤quality and safety standards.

To summarize, the T-Power (6.6ft Long Cable) 5V AC DC Adapter⁤ is a reliable ⁢and ‌versatile power supply option for your devices. With its wide compatibility, high-quality construction, and multiple smart features, it provides a convenient and safe charging experience.​ If​ you’re in need of ⁣a new adapter for ⁤your⁢ 2Wire ⁢ATT modem or other compatible devices, we highly recommend considering this product. Take advantage of our special offer and get yours⁤ today from⁢ [Insert Call to Action Link]. ⁣

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer ⁢Reviews Analysis

At T-Power, we strive‍ to provide ‍the ultimate power solution‌ for your 2Wire ATT modem and router. ⁤We understand that a reliable power supply cord is ⁣crucial for maintaining a stable internet connection.⁢ Let’s take a look ⁢at what our ‌customers have to say about ‌our T-Power AC DC Adapter.

Review 1: A Lifesaver

One customer had been facing trouble with their old ‌modem until it stopped working completely. They​ needed a power cord for a 2Wire modem they had ‍received from ⁣a⁢ friend, but couldn’t find⁢ it locally. They were relieved to find our ​product online, and it⁢ exceeded‍ their ⁢expectations. The⁢ power ⁣supply ⁤cord worked ‌flawlessly, ensuring they never ⁤had to ​worry about their internet⁤ connection again. The only downside ​was the bright blue light,‌ but they managed to solve that with tape.

Review 2: Disappointed with the Product

Another customer expressed disappointment, stating that the product they received was not the same as the one shown in the picture. They ​were unsure if they should try ​it due to its knockoff-like appearance. However, we⁣ assure you that our product is genuine ​and built to highest standards.

Review 3: A Cheap and Efficient ‌Fix

A satisfied customer⁤ mentioned that our power supply cord worked better‍ than⁣ replacing a capacitor on the ⁣original power supply. They appreciated the quality and functionality of ⁤our‍ product. However, they pointed out ⁢that the label on the power supply was misleading in terms of voltage specifications.

Reviewer Statistics:

Rating Review Count
5 Stars 4
4 Stars 1
3 Stars 1
1 Star 2

Review‌ 4: ‍A Short Lifespan

One customer reported that our ⁢power supply ‌cord revived their 2Wire 2701HG-B modem. However, they noticed⁣ that the first one stopped working after exactly 18​ months. They decided ‍to⁤ purchase‌ another one as a replacement, despite the understanding that it might not last much longer. We appreciate their​ continued‍ trust in our ‌product.

Review‍ 5: A Charm at a Great Price

Another customer had trouble⁤ finding a‌ replacement‍ power cord for their 2Wire gateway locally. They turned to us‌ and were pleased with the‍ prompt delivery and effective⁣ solution. They even recommended our product to their friends ​who faced⁣ a similar issue. Their satisfaction⁣ and happiness with our product are greatly appreciated.

Review 6:‌ A Reliable Solution

A customer ⁣highlighted that the power ​supply is often⁣ the weakest part of their AT&T router. They were⁣ informed⁢ by an⁢ ATT installer/repairman that a ⁢new power supply could⁢ often fix ⁢such issues. They now have our T-Power AC DC Adapter as ​a backup, ensuring uninterrupted internet ⁣connectivity.

Review 7: Unexpected Failure

Unfortunately, one customer experienced a premature ⁣failure of ​our product after⁢ 20 months of continuous use. They mentioned‍ that if they had‌ known about the limited lifespan, they⁤ would ⁢have ⁢researched longer-lasting alternatives. We appreciate ⁤their⁣ feedback and will continuously strive to improve our products.

Review 8: Excellent Service

A ⁢customer initially received a⁤ non-functioning ⁣unit. However, T-Power promptly shipped a replacement without waiting for the​ return. The⁢ customer appreciated our customer ⁢service and reported that the product is now working perfectly. We are glad we could⁢ resolve‍ the issue for them.

We ⁤value all feedback from​ our customers and understand that no‌ product ⁢is perfect. We are constantly⁣ working to improve our power supply cords to ensure they meet and​ exceed your expectations.

We appreciate your trust ⁢in T-Power as the ultimate ⁤power solution for your 2Wire ATT​ modem and router. Stay connected with our⁤ reliable⁤ and efficient products!

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  1. The T-Power AC DC Adapter is made with the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and​ longevity.
  2. The 6.6-foot long cable ⁣provides flexibility‍ and convenience, allowing for comfortable use and easy access to power.
  3. It is compatible with a wide ‌range of 2Wire ATT modem and router models, ensuring versatility and‍ compatibility with ⁢various devices.
  4. The adapter includes multiple⁣ smart features that safeguard against incorrect voltage, short circuits, and ⁣internal overheating,‌ ensuring ‍the⁢ safety of your devices.
  5. It has been certified by CE, FCC, and RoHS, meeting the highest standards of ⁣quality and​ safety.


  1. The compatibility of this adapter is limited to ⁣specific 2Wire ATT modem and ​router‍ models, so it may not work ⁢with devices outside of the stated compatibility range.
  2. Some users may find ⁤the price of this adapter slightly higher compared to other ⁢options on the market.

In summary, the T-Power AC DC Adapter⁤ stands out for its high-quality‌ construction, lengthy cable, and⁢ compatibility with various 2Wire ATT modem and router models. While it‍ may have some ⁢limitations in terms of compatibility and price, its superior quality and safety features make it ‌a ⁢reliable choice for powering‌ your devices.


Q: Is ‌the T-Power AC DC Adapter compatible⁣ with all 2Wire ATT modems and routers?

A: The T-Power AC DC Adapter ⁤is⁤ compatible with a variety of 2Wire ‌ATT modems and routers,​ including the 2701HG-B Modem, 2700 HG-B, 2700HG-B, 2700HGV-E, 1701HG, 2700HG, and 2701HG. However, please double check the model number before ⁤placing your‍ order to ensure compatibility.⁤ If you are unsure about compatibility, feel free ⁤to ⁤email us and ‍we will be ⁣happy to assist you.

Q: Does the T-Power⁢ AC DC Adapter come ⁤with an extra long cable?

A: Yes, the T-Power AC DC Adapter comes with⁢ a 6.6 feet ​extra long cable. This ensures ⁤that you‍ have enough ​length to easily connect your modem ‍or ⁤router to a‍ power source.

Q: Is⁢ the T-Power AC DC Adapter made with high-quality materials?

A: Yes, the T-Power AC DC Adapter is ⁤manufactured⁣ with the highest quality materials. We prioritize the ⁤durability and longevity of our products to ensure that they meet the needs of our customers.

Q: Does the T-Power‌ AC DC Adapter have any built-in safety features?

A: ​Absolutely! The T-Power AC DC Adapter includes multiple smart features that safeguard against incorrect ⁢voltage (IV), short circuit (SC), and internal overheating (IO). We prioritize the safety of our customers and ensure‌ that our products meet the highest‌ standards.

Q: Is the T-Power⁣ AC DC Adapter CE/FCC/RoHS ‌certified?

A: Yes, the T-Power AC DC Adapter‍ is CE/FCC/RoHS certified. This⁣ certification ​ensures that ⁢our product meets the necessary safety ⁣and⁤ environmental standards.

Q: Can the T-Power AC DC Adapter⁢ be used with other ⁣devices?

A: Yes, the T-Power AC DC Adapter⁣ can⁤ be used with other⁤ devices such as ⁤the Steam Link Power Supply ⁤and IOGEAR GCS1742‌ KVM Switches. However, please make sure to double check the compatibility before using the adapter with any other‍ device.

Q: What is​ the​ input voltage range for the ​T-Power AC DC Adapter?

A: The⁣ T-Power AC DC Adapter has an input volt range of 110-240V DC, making it compatible with various power sources.

Overall, the T-Power AC DC Adapter⁣ is the ⁢ultimate power solution for your 2Wire ATT ‌modem and router. With‍ its⁣ high-quality construction, 6.6 feet extra long cable, built-in safety features, and compatibility with various devices, ⁤it provides a ⁢reliable⁣ and convenient power source. Make⁣ sure to double check the‌ model number and place your order with confidence, knowing that our product ⁣is CE/FCC/RoHS certified and backed by our commitment to ‌quality.

Embody​ Excellence

In ⁣conclusion, if you’re in need of the ultimate power solution for⁢ your 2Wire ATT modem and router,⁢ look no ‌further than the T-Power⁣ AC DC Adapter. With ⁤its brand-new⁣ 6.6 feet long cable and compatibility with various models, this adapter is designed to meet all⁤ your power needs.

Manufactured with the highest quality materials, ⁢the T-Power adapter comes with multiple ‌smart⁢ features that ​safeguard against incorrect voltage, short circuit, and internal overheating. Rest assured, ‌this product is CE/FCC/RoHS certified, ensuring its reliability and safety.

Don’t ‌gamble with your power supply,‍ choose the T-Power ‌AC DC Adapter ⁢and experience uninterrupted⁣ connectivity. Double-check the model number before placing your ‌order or feel free to email us if you‌ have any ‌doubts – we’re here to help!

Take ​control of your⁤ power with the T-Power ⁣AC DC Adapter – click here to get yours now!
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