Revamp Your Gaming Style with eXtremeRate’s X-Mouse Button Control

Revamp Your Gaming Style with eXtremeRate’s X-Mouse Button Control

Welcome to our latest product review where ‍we dive into the realm of customization for your gaming experience. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the eXtremeRate Face Buttons Clicky Kit for PS5 Edge Controller. This kit promises to elevate your gaming sessions with custom ​tactile D-pad action buttons, offering‌ a unique edge ⁤to⁢ your ⁢PS5⁣ Edge Controller.
From the renowned ⁢brand eXtremeRate, known for​ their dedication to quality and innovation, comes a solution to personalize your gaming gear like never before. ⁤With ⁣a decade⁤ of experience in the⁣ gaming accessory industry, eXtremeRate brings forth⁤ a range of DIY replacement buttons, thumbsticks, and shell accessories ‌tailored specifically for​ the ​PS5 Edge Controller.
But what sets the Face⁤ Buttons Clicky Kit apart? ​It’s not just about aesthetics; ⁣it’s about enhancing your gaming performance. Designed with silicon tact‍ switches, these⁢ buttons ensure ⁢long-lasting comfort and precision, crucial for those intense gaming marathons where every click matters.
Installation is made‌ simple ⁤with the customized FPC flex ⁢cable and included ‌tools. While you’ll need to disassemble your controller, the installation process is straightforward, and you can even find ‍a helpful video guide on YouTube. ​Plus, ⁣compatibility with other‍ eXtremeRate replacement shells and buttons means you ⁤can mix and match to create a truly personalized controller⁢ setup.
So, if you’re looking to inject ⁢some personality into ⁤your gaming ‌gear while simultaneously improving⁢ your gameplay, ⁢the eXtremeRate Face Buttons Clicky Kit for PS5 Edge ‌Controller might just be the perfect addition to your setup. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of ⁤this innovative accessory, and⁢ see how it ⁤can take your ⁣gaming experience to the next⁢ level.

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When it comes to ⁤personalizing your gaming experience, the eXtremeRate Face⁤ Buttons ⁣Clicky Kit for PS5 Edge⁤ Controller is a game-changer. Crafted with⁤ precision and innovation, this kit allows you to elevate your gameplay with custom tactile D-pad action buttons, providing a unique edge ​to your PS5 Edge Controller. With a focus on quality and innovation, eXtremeRate has been a leading brand in the gaming accessory development⁤ industry since 2010, ‍consistently⁣ delivering​ top-notch products.

Designed to enhance control and add personality to your controller,‌ the eXtremeRate Face Buttons Clicky Kit offers a seamless installation process, ensuring that you ‍spend less‍ time tinkering and more time gaming. The kit includes a custom clicky FPC flex cable with ‌a ⁣rubber ⁣pad, specially engineered to optimize button responsiveness without the ⁢worry of buttons getting stuck. With easy-to-follow installation instructions available on YouTube, transforming your controller has never been easier. Take your gaming to the next level and stand out from the crowd with eXtremeRate’s innovative gaming ‍modding solutions.

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Exploring the Features

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When it comes to personalizing our gaming experience,⁣ having ‌the right tools at our ‍disposal is essential. With the eXtremeRate Face Buttons Clicky Kit for PS5 Edge Controller, we’re given the ‌opportunity to elevate our ⁢gameplay⁤ to new⁢ heights. This custom tactile D-pad action buttons kit offers a range of features designed to enhance both performance and aesthetics. Here’s a closer look at what​ makes this kit stand out:

  • Custom Clicky FPC Flex Cable: Engineered specifically for the​ PS5 Edge controller, this‌ flex cable ensures lightning-fast responsiveness without the worry of buttons getting stuck. With this⁣ innovative addition, our ⁤inputs are translated into actions with precision, giving us‌ the ​edge we need in competitive ​gaming⁣ scenarios.
  • Long-lasting Comfort: Constructed ⁤from durable silicon tact switches, the face buttons in this kit provide lasting comfort, even⁤ during ‍marathon ⁤gaming sessions. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello⁤ to uninterrupted gaming bliss.
  • Easy Installation: Installing this kit ⁣is a breeze, thanks ‍to the included cross screwdriver, prying tool, and spare screws. Plus,⁢ with access to‌ the installation video‌ guide on‍ YouTube, getting set up is as simple as following along⁣ with a few easy steps.

With the eXtremeRate Face Buttons ‍Clicky Kit, the possibilities for customization are⁣ endless. Whether we’re looking to fine-tune​ our controller for⁢ optimal performance or simply ⁢add a touch of personality, this ⁤kit delivers on all ⁣fronts. ⁢Ready to take your gaming experience to ‌the next level? Click here ⁢to get your⁢ hands on this⁤ game-changing‌ accessory.

In-depth Analysis and Insights

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Our⁤ exploration into ‍the ‌eXtremeRate Face Buttons Clicky Kit for‌ PS5 Edge‍ Controller unveiled a ‍plethora of customizable options that ‌elevate gaming experiences to⁤ new heights. Crafted with meticulous attention ⁤to detail, this kit encompasses a ⁢wide⁤ array of replacement components, including tactile D-pad action buttons, metallic ⁣back paddles, and ⁢swappable⁤ thumbstick caps, allowing⁢ gamers to personalize their controllers according⁣ to ⁤their preferences. With an assortment of colors,⁤ styles, ⁢and finishes available, the possibilities for customization are ​virtually limitless.

One of the standout ​features of this kit is the custom clicky ‍FPC flex cable with rubber pad, designed specifically for the‌ PS5 Edge controller. This innovative addition ensures⁣ swift and ⁣precise button responses, enhancing gameplay without​ the worry of buttons sticking. Installation ⁢is made effortless with the included tools and comprehensive video ‌guide, allowing gamers to seamlessly integrate the kit into their controllers. Compatible with eXtremeRate’s ⁤range of replacement shells and buttons, this kit offers a seamless upgrade for the PS5 Edge controller, promising ‌enhanced comfort and control during‍ extended gaming sessions. Elevate​ your gaming experience today with the‌ eXtremeRate Face⁤ Buttons Clicky Kit for PS5 Edge Controller.

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After testing out the eXtremeRate ‍Face Buttons Clicky Kit for PS5‌ Edge Controller,‍ we can ​confidently say​ that it’s a must-have accessory for gamers ⁣looking to personalize and enhance their gaming experience. With its custom tactile D-pad action⁤ buttons, this kit adds ⁣a whole new level of ⁤responsiveness and precision to your​ controller.

We were⁣ particularly impressed by ⁣the​ easy installation process, thanks to ​the included customized FPC cable and ⁢rubber⁤ pad. The package also comes with a cross screwdriver, ⁢prying tool, and spare⁣ screws, ensuring ⁤that ‍you have ⁢everything you need for​ a hassle-free setup. ⁤Plus, with compatibility​ with eXtremeRate replacement shells, buttons, and SDP buttons for PS5 Edge controller, ‍you ​can mix⁤ and match to ​create ‍your perfect gaming‌ setup.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Here’s what our customers‍ have to say‌ about the eXtremeRate ⁢Face Buttons ⁣Clicky Kit for PS5 Edge Controller:

Review Rating
This kit was not too difficult to install with the video. The issue I am having is that one ⁢of my buttons is sticking when ​I ‍Close my ps5 controller⁣ case tight. I am having to leave controller screws‍ loose⁤ to keep from holding the button down. I have taken apart‌ and put back together a dozen times, but I still have⁣ the same ‍issue on the same triangle button. As ⁤far as feel, it feels great! It works well when it is working correctlyEdited: moved to​ 5 stars.‍ The company ⁣has ⁢amazing customer service. I can’t say that I’ve⁤ ever seen better. I do use several of their products, I just happened to have trouble ​with this particular item. I will continue to work⁢ with this company. Highly recommend 5 stars
Trying to follow⁣ the directions posted on YouTube‍ is ‍… not the easiest.​ Once I figured out how they went in,⁣ the rest was easy. ‍They feel sooooo good to use! Would definitely recommend to anybody who plays a ‍lot of FPS ‍games. 4 stars
Love it N/A
First kit came open ​and ripped⁣ on the trigger but my replacement came⁢ quickly and‍ was easy enough to install all buttons feel perfect to ⁢me I’ve tested and all buttons click very satisfyingly N/A
Works‍ amazing, if you play Fortnite listen up so when you ​click into your build it works​ nice but when you click out of your build you have to⁤ actually click⁢ the button and not fat finger it, personally I don’t mind having to click it more then smash it but ‍I read a comment when I ordered mine and​ some guy ⁣was⁢ complaining about it, I think the product deserves a 8/10 cause sometime it acts a little buggy like it doesn’t⁤ shoot but chances are it’s​ how I installed it, I also just bout the ⁣dawn 2.0 and I’m gonna to install that today on top of this add so now I’ll have a full on scuff basically, I’m sure it’s going to be hard to do all of this especially since they’re no YouTube videos on it but I’m⁢ going for it, ‍wish me luck ‌extremerate cause‍ you guys really have to make‌ a ⁢video on paddles with the clicky buttons cause I’m ​not the‍ only one trying to figure this out N/A
The product works great and does just as it is advertised. ⁣The trigger pull ⁤is even‌ shorter than, the pull distance is basically just the distance it takes to⁤ engage the microswitch with no additional travel necessary. Like every extremerate product I have used. The install is super easy. Except for one little step. ⁤I always have one ‍little ‍part of every​ kit I try that⁢ is just frustrating as can be but ⁤in the‌ end works just fine. This ‍time it was the little plastic tab you sit on the back of ⁣the trigger to engage the switch. Getting​ that to stay in place while you put the trigger back on and the switch into place was very ‌frustrating⁤ lol. Easy in theory but in practice took many tries. Besides that it went together super easy and ‌worked awesome. N/A
Cambia completamente la sensación de los gatillos puesto que se siente ‌como un mouse, si tienes ⁤la habilidad para abrir el control es muy recomendable, el proceso no es muy complicado siguiendo un‌ tutorial y se puede hacer en ​30-40 ⁤minutos.Se debe de notar que se ‍pierden los‌ gatillos adaptativos puesto que se tienen que sacar piezas del control. N/A
For a first time controller⁣ mod this ‍was very simple and ‍took me 30‌ mins to ​do. Most ⁤of these bad reviews are people who‌ messed up the installation somehow but with the​ easy ⁣to follow⁤ YouTube videos this product was a‍ breeze ⁤to ⁢install. I also installed this on a custom controller with back paddles which I was unsure of it working at first, but it was still easy enough to refer to the video ​to make the adjustments and I gotta ⁤say, 10/10 product. Works flawless. You need to⁣ loosen the ‍screws in back if the buttons get stuck at first. N/A
Es ⁣un producto genial al momento de pulsar ‍los botones, es​ agradable el sonido del clikeo como ‌un mouse, en los gatillos⁢ no se necesita de mucha ⁢presión ‍para la respuesta, ya que el​ recorte del recorrido⁣ disminuye.⁢ Perfecto para aquellos juegos de shooters, producto muy recomendable. N/A
Muy fácil de adaptarse, rápido y‍ sencillo, cin vídeo de tutoría en Youtube ( solo copia y pega el ⁢título)Si hay una mejora N/A

Overall, our customers have provided a range of feedback on the eXtremeRate Face Buttons⁢ Clicky Kit for PS5 Edge Controller. While ‍some ⁢have ​experienced issues with installation⁣ and performance, others have found ⁣the product to greatly enhance their⁤ gaming experience.

Pros & Cons

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Revamp Your Gaming⁢ Style⁢ with eXtremeRate’s X-Mouse Button Control

Are you ready to ⁢elevate your gaming experience to​ the next ⁤level? Look no further than ​the eXtremeRate Face Buttons Clicky Kit for PS5 Edge Controller. With this innovative accessory, you can customize‌ your controller for enhanced precision and style. ‍Let’s dive into⁣ the pros and cons of this exciting product:


Pros Description
1. Enhanced Precision The custom Clicky FPC flex cable and rubber pad ensure quicker and more precise button response, giving you the edge in fast-paced gaming situations.
2. Easy Installation Simple installation process with ⁤included tools and video⁤ guide on YouTube. You’ll have your ​controller upgraded in ‍no time.
3. Long-lasting Comfort Silicon tact switches provide long-lasting comfort, ‍reducing ⁣fatigue during extended⁣ gaming sessions.
4. Customization Options Compatible with eXtremeRate replacement ⁣shells, buttons, and SDP buttons, allowing you to ⁣personalize⁢ your ​controller to ⁤match your unique style.
5. Innovative Design The Face Clicky Kit‍ is exclusively designed for ​PS5 Edge Controller, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.


  • 1. Disassembly Required: Installation involves disassembling the controller, which may be⁤ daunting for some users.
  • 2. Additional ‌Purchase Required: Does not include the controller,⁣ buttons,⁢ or ​other parts, requiring separate purchases ‍if not already owned.
  • 3. Limited Compatibility: ​Designed specifically for PS5 Edge Controller,‌ not ⁢compatible with other models.

Overall, the eXtremeRate ⁤Face Buttons Clicky Kit‌ for PS5 Edge ​Controller offers a fantastic opportunity to customize and optimize your gaming setup. With ⁤its​ precision, ‌comfort,​ and style enhancements, it’s a must-have for any serious gamer.


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Q&A Section:
Q: What makes the⁣ eXtremeRate⁤ Face Buttons Clicky Kit⁢ for ⁤PS5 Edge ‌Controller stand out from other similar​ products?
A: The eXtremeRate Face Buttons Clicky Kit is specifically designed for the PS5 Edge Controller, ensuring‍ a perfect fit and seamless integration. Unlike generic alternatives, our kit features silicon tact switches for ⁤long-lasting⁢ comfort and precise button response, preventing fatigue during extended gaming sessions. Additionally, our custom FPC flex cable with‍ rubber‍ pad ensures quicker and more precise button reactions without the worry of buttons getting stuck.
Q:‍ Is the installation process ‌complicated?
A: Not at all! While⁢ the installation does require⁤ disassembling the⁢ controller, it’s a straightforward ​process. To assist ‌you further, we provide a detailed installation video⁤ guide⁢ on YouTube. ‌Simply ‌search‌ for “eXtremeRate Face Clicky Kit for PS5 ‌Edge” or use the video code “vNMWd_wniGo” ⁣to access the tutorial.‌ Plus,‌ the package includes all necessary tools and⁤ spare screws for added convenience.
Q: Can I personalize my PS5 Edge Controller further⁤ with this kit?
A: Absolutely! Our Face Buttons⁤ Clicky Kit is designed ‌to complement our wide range of‌ eXtremeRate replacement shells, buttons,​ and SDP buttons for the PS5 ‌Edge Controller. With a variety of colors and styles available, you can mix and match to create a truly unique gaming experience tailored to your preferences.
Q: Is this kit compatible with other controller models?
A: No, this Face Clicky Kit is exclusively designed for the PS5 Edge ⁣Controller and is not compatible with other controller ​models, including the standard PS5 controller. ‌We’ve meticulously crafted this kit to ensure optimal performance and compatibility specifically for⁢ the PS5 ​Edge Controller.
Q: How⁢ does eXtremeRate ensure quality and innovation in its‌ products?
A: As a leading ⁣brand in the gaming accessory industry, eXtremeRate prioritizes quality and innovation in⁣ every product we develop. With over ​a decade of experience and a team of passionate⁤ gamers, we understand the needs and preferences of our fellow gaming enthusiasts. All our projects‌ undergo rigorous testing by gamers themselves, ensuring that each product delivers the best possible gaming experience. Our commitment to innovation drives us ‌to continually push the boundaries and develop technologically advanced ⁢gaming products ⁤that enhance the fun and excitement​ of ⁢gaming.

Embody Excellence

As we ⁤conclude‍ our journey through the⁤ world of gaming customization​ with‍ eXtremeRate’s X-Mouse Button⁢ Control,‍ we hope you’ve found this exploration as thrilling as we have. From customizable buttons to personalized shells, eXtremeRate offers a comprehensive ⁣array ‌of options⁢ to elevate your gaming⁣ experience to ⁣new heights.
The eXtremeRate Face Buttons Clicky Kit‌ for PS5 Edge Controller is a testament to their commitment to innovation and quality. With custom tactile ⁢D-pad‌ action buttons⁤ designed for precision and comfort, this kit is ‍a game-changer for ⁢any serious gamer.
Installation is ‌a breeze with the included‌ tools and step-by-step guide, ensuring ​you can get back to your favorite games ‌in no time. And with compatibility with ⁣eXtremeRate’s other replacement accessories, the customization possibilities are endless.
So ⁤why⁤ wait? Take‍ control of your gaming destiny and​ revolutionize your gameplay⁣ with eXtremeRate ⁤today. Click here to grab your ⁤own eXtremeRate Face Buttons Clicky Kit and unlock a whole new level‌ of gaming: Get Yours Now!

Remember, with eXtremeRate, playing different⁢ isn’t just a slogan—it’s a way of ‍life.

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