Our Review: Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC – Amplify Your Acoustic with Style!

Our Review: Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC – Amplify Your Acoustic with Style!

Welcome to our ⁣product⁢ review of the Seymour Duncan ‍SA-3HC Woody⁤ HC Acoustic Soundhole Pickup! As musicians⁢ ourselves,⁢ we understand the frustration​ of wanting to amplify our acoustic guitars without sacrificing⁤ that warm, ‍natural tone. That’s ‌why we were thrilled ​to discover the ⁣SA-3HC, a magnetic hum-canceling pickup​ specifically ‍designed for standard ‌steel string ⁣acoustic guitars.

First things ⁢first, installation is a breeze. With just a simple pop into ‌the soundhole of ‌your guitar, you’re ready to go. ‌No need⁢ for⁤ complicated⁢ setups‌ or modifications. And let’s talk ⁢about the aesthetics – the SA-3HC features a beautiful maple cover that not only adds ⁤a touch of⁣ elegance but also complements the overall⁢ look of your⁢ guitar.

But ⁢it’s not just about looks, it’s​ about ⁣the sound. The SA-3HC​ delivers ‍warm, rich tones⁤ that are perfect for⁤ both chords⁢ and fingerstyle playing. Whether you’re strumming for a crowd or recording in the ​studio, this pickup⁢ ensures that your ⁣guitar’s​ natural tone shines⁣ through.

Connectivity is a breeze as ​well. The included 14′ cable is studio-quality, allowing ⁢you to easily plug ​into any acoustic guitar amp, PA system, or ‌mixer. No matter​ where‌ you’re performing,‌ you can count ‍on the SA-3HC to faithfully reproduce your ‍guitar’s sound.

Now, ‍you may be ⁢wondering why ⁢we specifically ‍chose Seymour Duncan for our acoustic needs. It all comes down to tone. For decades, Seymour Duncan has been dedicated to perfecting the art of creating pickups. From modern​ metal ‌tones​ to vintage recreations,​ their commitment to excellence⁣ is⁣ undeniable. When ​it ‌comes to‌ getting the best sound possible from your acoustic ​guitar, trust in Seymour Duncan.

In conclusion, the Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC Acoustic Soundhole Pickup⁢ is a no-fuss solution for instant on-stage amplification. With​ its easy installation, beautiful​ maple cover, warm⁤ tones, and reliable connectivity, it’s a must-have for any acoustic guitarist. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – ⁣choose Seymour Duncan and experience ⁢the‌ difference for yourself.

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The⁤ Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC⁣ Acoustic​ Soundhole Pickup is ​a must-have for all ⁢acoustic guitar players looking for an easy and hassle-free solution for on-stage⁣ amplification. This magnetic⁢ hum-canceling ‌pickup is simply inserted into the ⁢soundhole of your guitar, and you’re ​ready​ to go! ⁤With its ⁢beautiful maple⁢ cover, it not only looks⁤ great, but it also provides warm and rich⁢ tones that are perfect for​ both chords and fingerstyle playing.

One of ⁣the‌ standout features of the Woody HC ⁢SA-3HC is its studio-quality ⁣14′ cable, which allows you to connect to any acoustic guitar amp, PA ⁢system, or mixer. This means you can easily transition from the studio ⁤to the stage ​without sacrificing sound quality.‍ The pickup is designed by​ Seymour Duncan, a ⁣legendary figure in the world of⁢ pickups, who‌ has dedicated his life⁢ to perfecting the art of tone. This expertise ⁣is ⁣clearly evident in the Woody HC SA-3HC, as it‍ produces the best possible ‌tone for ‌your⁤ acoustic guitar.

If you’re⁤ serious about getting the most out‌ of your acoustic guitar, the Seymour Duncan⁢ SA-3HC Woody HC Acoustic‍ Soundhole⁢ Pickup is a fantastic choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your sound and⁢ take your performances to the next level. Click ⁣here to buy now on Amazon and experience the difference for ‌yourself: [Call to Action]

Product Features and ‍Specifications

Our Review: Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC – Amplify Your Acoustic with Style!插图1
When it comes ⁤to amplifying ⁢your acoustic guitar ​on stage, the Seymour Duncan SA-3HC ‍Woody HC Acoustic ​Soundhole Pickup ⁢is an⁢ excellent choice.‌ With its easy ⁣installation⁤ and beautiful maple ⁣cover, this hum-canceling pickup is a​ no-fuss⁣ solution. Simply pop it into the⁢ soundhole of ‍your guitar and you’re ready to go.

One of the standout⁢ features of the ⁣SA-3HC is its warm​ and rich ⁤tone. Whether you’re strumming⁤ chords or playing fingerstyle, this pickup​ delivers a beautiful​ sound that will‍ bring your acoustic guitar ⁣to​ life. ​With the included studio-quality 14′ cable, you can easily connect to any acoustic guitar amp, PA, or mixer⁣ and⁣ start playing.

As a​ guitarist, you know that tone is crucial, and Seymour Duncan is dedicated to delivering‍ the ⁤best possible sound. Seymour Duncan has spent a lifetime perfecting ⁤the art of creating pickups, and⁢ their expertise ​shines through in the Woody HC SA-3HC. From modern metal to‌ vintage gems, Seymour Duncan pickups ‍are trusted‍ by musicians ⁢worldwide.

If you’re looking for an easy and reliable way to amplify your acoustic guitar, ‍the Seymour‍ Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC Acoustic Soundhole Pickup is the⁤ perfect choice.​ Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your ⁤playing experience and‍ take your sound ⁤to the next level.⁤ Click here to purchase this fantastic pickup on Amazon and start strumming like a pro.

Detailed Insights ‍and Performance

When it comes to ,‍ the Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Woody ​HC Acoustic Soundhole Pickup truly delivers. ​This​ hum-canceling pickup is a no-fuss solution for instantly ⁤amplifying ⁤your ‍acoustic guitar on stage.⁤ With ​a simple pop into the soundhole, you’ll instantly have access to a warm ‍and rich tone that is perfect for chords⁣ or⁣ fingerstyle playing.

One of the standout features‌ of the SA-3HC is its beautiful maple cover. Not​ only⁢ does ‌it⁤ add a touch of elegance to your guitar, ⁢but‌ it ⁤also enhances‌ the pickup’s performance. This pickup⁤ is designed to⁣ provide the best possible tone, ⁣and it certainly does not disappoint. Whether you’re playing through an acoustic guitar amp, PA ⁤system, or mixer, you can trust ⁢that⁣ the SA-3HC will deliver studio-quality sound.

In terms of convenience, the SA-3HC comes with a ⁤14′ ⁢cable, allowing ⁣you to easily plug into any set-up.⁢ The magnetic transducer ensures‌ accurate and reliable sound​ reproduction, while the 1/4″ male jack provides a secure and sturdy connection. Overall, the Seymour ⁢Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC Acoustic Soundhole Pickup is a⁢ top choice for those seeking exceptional sound ⁤quality and ease of use. Experience the difference for ‍yourself⁤ and elevate your acoustic guitar playing to the next level.

Our ‌Recommendation


If you’re in need of a hassle-free solution for instantly amplifying⁣ your acoustic guitar on stage, then look no further than the Seymour Duncan ​SA-3HC Woody HC Acoustic Soundhole Pickup. Simply insert the pickup into the soundhole and experience the‌ magic ⁣unfold.⁢ With its ‌magnetic hum-canceling technology and a stylish maple cover, this ‍pickup not only eliminates unwanted noise but also ‍adds a touch of beauty to your instrument.

One of the standout features of ⁤the ⁢SA-3HC is its studio-quality ⁢14′ cable, allowing you‍ to easily connect to any⁣ acoustic ‍guitar amp, PA system, or mixer. Whether you prefer playing chords or fingerstyle, this pickup delivers warm and rich tones that are sure to ⁤impress. Thanks to Seymour‍ Duncan’s dedication to perfecting their pickups,⁤ you can trust that you’re getting the best​ possible sound for your‌ acoustic guitar.

Make your acoustic guitar shine with the Seymour Duncan SA-3HC⁤ Woody HC Acoustic Soundhole⁤ Pickup. Get yours ⁢now​ and ‌enhance your playing experience.

Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Nice to pull it out of the bag, drop it⁣ in the sound hole, plug in and⁢ run.

I wanted to ⁤make⁣ my ⁢acoustic a bit louder so ‍I checked this out.⁣ It’s a ​little more pricey than some‍ of the non-name brand plastic alternatives, but I figured it would be hard to ‍go ​wrong with ‌Seymour Duncan. The installation ​is pretty simple once you’ve done it a couple times. The pickup fits‌ snuggly in⁢ the sound hole and the⁤ cable is amply long ⁢to run to an amplifier. Crystal clear tone, no buzz or feedback. ⁢It comes⁢ with a cheap bag to store it in while not in ‍use. Overall I’m happy ‌with the ‌purchase!

Pretty good product overall but‌ there aren’t many other‍ options, especially for ⁤this⁤ price range.

The pickup certainly doesn’t ‌cancel all ⁤noise ‍but it ‌is good enough​ for me. The sound level ⁤is ‍uneven across‍ the ⁤string. The​ high strings are much louder. Adjusting how the pickup⁤ sits in the ⁤guitar (move it closer to ‍the low strings and ‍farther‌ away⁢ from the high ​strings) helps a⁢ little bit but it doesn’t level it out completely. A good amp/EQ will help address this. My biggest‌ issue is the volume level overall. It’s not as loud as I’d like. I use ‌a portable amp while ⁢playing out with my acoustic. That amp has‌ more ‍than enough volume when‌ used with my other acoustic guitars that⁤ have other types of internal ⁢pickups installed in them. It’s loud ‍enough to ‌play with a full band with drums. This product⁤ is not loud enough using the same amp. I have to​ plug into a pedal to boost the volume. It works well with that‌ setup. ⁤I already had a compressor pedal ‌and a volume boost ⁢pedal that boost the volume well when used individually,‍ but I wouldn’t be⁤ thrilled ⁣if‍ I had to purchase a ⁤pedal to achieve a playable volume with this pickup, using my portable amp. ‌Otherwise it’s good. The pickup chord is plenty lengthy. It does ⁣not⁢ require batteries.

I was surprised at​ how ⁢bright ​this pickup ‍is, being a humbucker.

I changed some settings on my amp and it sounds great now. No hum at all.

Many have commented on how good my guitar sounds; including a⁢ person who has a customized​ guitar.

So I‍ didn’t want to risk someone doing a bad job of⁢ installing electronics on my‌ guitar so I ⁤bought these. Works very well‍ and I don’t have to worry about‌ batteries. But I have to admit, it is a bit troublesome‍ putting it ‍in and taking it out⁣ twice a week ⁤(once for rehearsal and for Sunday‍ service).

This pickup was notably louder than my ‍Fishman Neo-D (single-coil version) ‍and it was immediately apparent when I plugged it into my amp.

It’s a humbucking unit (which is typically warmer in tone) but I had absolutely no problem dialing it up to a‌ brighter tone with room to⁢ spare. I ended-up returning it though‌ for the ​following reasons:

  1. Getting it ⁢fitted into the soundhole of my OM was ⁢a bit of a struggle. I worried ‌that I might damage my‌ guitar.
  2. I struggled to get it​ to ⁣seat evenly under the strings. This would⁢ create ⁢imbalances in‍ the‌ string‍ volume.
  3. It could only fit in the ⁤center ‌of my ‍soundhole. While⁢ testing it with some fingerstyle tunes, it felt like my nails would occasionally tap onto the ‍pickup. This was distracting. The Neo-D is narrower and ​could​ be seated closer to the top of the⁤ soundhole.

I’m sure‍ this design ‍works for other guitars and other players. Sadly, it didn’t‍ work for me.

Used this for my acoustic guitar at church.

Has⁢ a ⁤beautiful sound. No humming. ‍Easy to‌ insert and remove without having any tools or having to loosen strings. Not too tall, doesn’t get in the​ way‌ when⁤ strumming. Perfect solution ⁢for amplifying ‌sound without having to modify⁣ my ‌guitar.

I have a beautiful⁢ Martin acoustic that I’m just not ready ⁢to⁤ drill a hole in to install​ a pickup.

I usually play⁢ my acoustic electric when I ⁣play ⁤out, but‍ I have this great guitar⁢ that ⁢I only play at ⁤home‍ because it ‌isn’t amplified, so I decided to​ try⁤ a sound hole pickup. Easy ⁣to install, good clean⁣ sound, there is a little bit of⁢ a hum depending on the amp ⁤I’m using (but I think the connection on my ‍small amp is loose).⁤ I ​had a nice clean ‍sound for my event, and I plan to ⁢continue using this ‍pickup for future gigs.

Easy to fit and excellent quality.

der ​Klang ist perfekt ⁤für mich ist genau was ich erwartet habe

Added to my ‌Martin Guitar​ and​ I am super happy ​with it.

Very warm ‍sounding (Not tinny at ⁤all). My only suggestion would be if the cord had a female end and ‍it⁢ attached to the strap attachment ⁤and a volume and tone control. But for the price I’m ⁤super happy⁢ with it.

Ottimo suono, ottima installazione, facile e senza il rischio di rovinare ​lo strumento.‌ Prezzo giusto.

Compré ⁢esta pastilla sin estar ⁣muy convencido, pero ahora me‍ doy cuenta ‌de que es una excelente adquisición.

El precio es contenido, es una pastilla de doble bobinado (no hace ruido) y se quita y ⁢pone​ en un segundo. Es la mejor opción para⁢ electrificar una ‌guitarra acústica y el ‌resultado es mejor de lo esperado, eso si ⁢mejor conectar a‍ un​ amplificador de‌ acústica, yo la conecto⁣ a⁤ un ‍Roland AC 60 y suena perfecta, sin parásitos y‍ bastante natural. Me falta probarla con una caja de⁣ inyección para conectarme directamente a la ⁤mesa a ver que tal. Recomiendo ⁢su compra, seguro ⁤que las hay mejores pero a este precio ⁤lo dudo.

Pros & Cons


  1. Easy installation: The Seymour‌ Duncan SA-3HC Woody ‌HC is designed to fit into the soundhole of standard steel string acoustic guitars, making ⁤it⁣ incredibly simple⁢ to install.
  2. Instant amplification: With⁣ the SA-3HC, you can quickly and​ easily amplify your acoustic guitar ‌on stage or in the studio. Just ⁤plug ​into any acoustic guitar amp,⁣ PA system, or⁣ mixer using the high-quality 14′ cable provided, and you’re‍ ready to go.
  3. Hum-canceling technology: Say goodbye to unwanted electrical ‌hum⁣ and interference.‍ The SA-3HC features hum-canceling technology, ensuring clean and clear sound.
  4. Warm and rich‌ tone: ‌This⁣ pickup delivers ‍warm, rich ⁤tone⁢ that ‌is ⁤perfect ‌for both chord strumming and​ fingerstyle playing.​ It enhances ‌the‍ natural sound⁢ of your acoustic guitar without losing its authenticity.
  5. Beautiful maple cover: The ⁢SA-3HC comes with⁣ a⁤ beautiful maple cover, adding a touch of style to your guitar without compromising its sound quality.
  6. Reliable brand: Seymour Duncan is a ⁤renowned name in the ⁤world of pickups. With years of experience and dedication ‍to achieving the⁣ best tone possible, you can trust their products to deliver exceptional ​performance.


  1. Limited compatibility: The SA-3HC is⁣ specifically designed for standard steel string acoustic guitars. If you have a different type of⁣ acoustic guitar,⁢ this pickup may ‌not be compatible.
  2. No customization options: Some ‍guitarists may prefer to have more control ‌over their tone through adjustable EQ ⁤or volume controls. The ‍SA-3HC does ⁣not offer these customization options.
  3. Not suitable for electric-acoustic ⁢guitars: If you have an electric-acoustic⁣ guitar, the SA-3HC may not provide the desired sound as it is optimized for standard acoustic guitars.
  4. Higher price range: Compared ⁤to other ​soundhole pickups‌ on the market, the SA-3HC is relatively more expensive. However, considering the build quality, tone, and brand reputation, it can be seen as a worthwhile investment.
  5. No built-in battery: Unlike some⁢ other acoustic guitar pickups, the​ SA-3HC does not have a built-in battery. This means you’ll need to rely on an external⁣ power ⁤source if you want to use ​the pickup.
  6. No EQ adjustments: ⁣While ⁣the ‍SA-3HC produces great tone ⁣out of the box, if you prefer more control​ over ⁢your sound, you’ll ​need to ‍rely⁢ on external⁢ EQ or effects pedals.


Q: What is the Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC?

A: The Seymour Duncan⁤ SA-3HC Woody HC is⁤ a magnetic ‍hum-canceling‍ pickup designed specifically for⁤ standard steel string acoustic guitars.​ It effortlessly amplifies your acoustic guitar’s ⁢sound on stage, providing​ warm and rich tones perfect for both chords and fingerstyle⁤ playing. With⁤ its beautiful maple cover and easy installation ‌in ⁢the soundhole, ​it’s a no-fuss solution for instantly ⁢boosting your acoustic’s volume and ⁣tone.

Q:⁢ How does the SA-3HC​ Woody HC work?

A: Installing​ the SA-3HC ‌Woody⁤ HC is incredibly‍ easy. Simply pop ‌it into the soundhole of your acoustic guitar, and you’re good to go. It comes with a high-quality​ 14′ cable that can be plugged into any acoustic guitar amp, PA ⁢system, or mixer, allowing you to start strumming and performing with amplified sound right⁣ away. The magnetic pickup technology ensures hum-canceling performance, reducing ⁤unwanted noise and delivering a clean,⁣ clear tone.

Q: Why ‌should I choose Seymour Duncan?

A: When it comes to pickups, tone is‌ everything. Seymour Duncan, the creator of this remarkable pickup, has ​dedicated his life ‍to the art ‍of producing exceptional pickup designs. ‍With a wide⁢ range of pickups ranging​ from modern‌ metal ‌tones ⁤to faithful ⁤reproductions of classic ’50s ‌and‍ ’60s pickups, Seymour Duncan knows how to deliver top-notch tone for musicians ⁣of all genres. We‌ understand how crucial tone ⁤is⁤ to our customers, which is why we⁣ choose to carry Seymour Duncan pickups.

Q: Is the SA-3HC Woody HC⁢ suitable for all acoustic guitars?

A: Yes,​ the SA-3HC Woody HC is designed to fit standard⁢ steel string​ acoustic⁤ guitars. Its soundhole jack measures 1/4″ male,⁢ which is the most common size for ⁣acoustic⁢ guitar inputs. Whether you own ‍a ⁣high-end acoustic or​ a budget-friendly model, this pickup will work seamlessly with your instrument, enhancing its sound and making it suitable for live performances, recording sessions, or any situation where you need to amplify your acoustic guitar.

Q: What color is the SA-3HC​ Woody HC?

A: The SA-3HC Woody⁣ HC features a beautiful maple cover. Its natural wood color adds a‌ touch of‌ elegance to your acoustic guitar, making it⁤ not‍ only sound great but also look ⁤stylish. This ​maple cover blends perfectly with the overall aesthetics of most guitars, enhancing⁤ their visual appeal while ensuring a reliable and⁢ effective pickup solution.

Q: How can I make the most‍ of my acoustic with the SA-3HC Woody HC?

A: To make the most out of your ⁣acoustic guitar with‍ the SA-3HC Woody HC pickup, simply plug it into​ an acoustic guitar amp, ‍PA‍ system, or mixer,‍ and experiment with ‌different settings to find your preferred tone. This pickup is known ⁤for its ⁣warmth and richness,‍ which make it ‍ideal for​ both chord strumming and intricate ⁣fingerstyle playing. It’s a ⁣versatile tool that allows you to explore various genres⁣ and ‌playing‍ styles with confidence, letting your acoustic guitar’s‍ true voice shine through. The SA-3HC Woody HC is the ⁣perfect ​accessory to take your acoustic⁣ performances to the next⁤ level.

Embrace a New Era

And that wraps up our review of the Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC Acoustic Soundhole Pickup. We hope our insights have ​helped you make an⁤ informed‌ decision ‌on whether ⁣this ⁤pickup is‍ the right fit for you and your⁣ acoustic guitar.

With the SA-3HC​ Woody HC, you can ​easily amplify your ⁤acoustic ⁤instrument and take it to the stage without any fuss. The hum-canceling⁤ feature ensures a clean and noise-free ⁣sound, ​while the beautiful maple cover adds a touch of style to your guitar. Simply plug in the 14′ cable, connect to your amp, PA system, or mixer, and let ‍your strumming skills shine.

Seymour Duncan’s reputation for​ producing top-notch pickups‍ is well-deserved. Their dedication to tone and ⁢years of experience ⁤refining their craft make them a reliable and trusted ⁢choice for musicians. Whether you’re playing modern metal or seeking a vintage sound, ‍Seymour Duncan pickups⁣ are ⁢designed ​to deliver ‍exceptional tone.

So if you’re looking to enhance the sound of your acoustic guitar and maximize its potential, we ⁢highly recommend checking out the Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC Acoustic Soundhole Pickup. You can find ⁢it on ​Amazon by clicking the ‌following link: ⁣

Get the Seymour Duncan SA-3HC Woody HC‌ Acoustic ​Soundhole Pickup⁣ here!

Remember, ⁤unlocking the true potential of your acoustic ⁣guitar is⁣ just a⁤ click away. So don’t‌ miss out on this opportunity to take‍ your performances to the next level. Get your Seymour Duncan ​SA-3HC Woody HC⁤ today⁣ and let your music soar!

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