Keep Mice at Bay with MouseBlocker: Our Ultrasonic Solution

Keep Mice at Bay with MouseBlocker: Our Ultrasonic Solution

Are you tired of⁢ pesky rodents causing damage to your vehicle’s wiring and components? Look no further⁣ than the MouseBlocker 12V Ultrasonic ​Under Hood Mouse and Rodent ‍Deterrent! We had the opportunity to test out this powerful yet energy-efficient device, and we were seriously impressed.

With the ability to protect a ⁢wide range of vehicles and equipment, from cars and trucks⁤ to RVs and‍ boats,‌ this little gadget packs a punch. It ‌emits ⁣ultrasonic frequencies that are uncomfortable for rodents, deterring them‌ from ⁤nesting and causing costly damage. Plus, with its easy 2-wire ‍installation⁣ directly to ‍your vehicle’s battery, there’s no need ⁤to worry about dead or corroded⁢ batteries.

Trust us, ⁣the MouseBlocker‍ is a professional-grade solution trusted⁣ by ‌dealers and ‌repair shops across North America. Don’t let‍ rodents ruin your investments – give the MouseBlocker a try ⁤and⁣ protect your vehicle today!

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When it comes to protecting our vehicles from unwanted‌ intruders, we⁤ need ⁤a solution that is effective, powerful, ⁢and⁤ easy to install. That’s where this innovative 12V Ultrasonic Under Hood Mouse and Rodent Deterrent comes in. Designed to keep pesky rodents away ⁤from your car, truck, or other vehicles, this multi-purpose device is ‌a must-have for anyone ​looking to safeguard their investments.

The⁤ MouseBlocker is a professional-grade product trusted by hundreds of auto professionals throughout North America. With its powerful ultrasonic frequency that deters rodents from nesting in your ‌engine area, this device is⁤ a reliable and energy-saving solution. Easy to⁣ install​ with a simple 2-wire connection to your vehicle’s battery, you can trust the⁢ MouseBlocker to keep your vehicle safe⁤ and secure without draining​ your battery. Don’t⁣ let rodents damage your ⁢wiring harnesses, fuel lines, or computers – ​protect your⁤ vehicle with ⁢the ‌MouseBlocker today!

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Key Features ​and Benefits

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Our 12V Ultrasonic Under Hood Mouse and Rodent Deterrent is‍ a must-have for anyone looking to protect their vehicle from unwanted guests. ⁣This multi-purpose device is suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and more ​- anywhere with 12V power available.​ With its compact size, this powerful deterrent is easy⁢ to ⁢install and won’t take up ⁢much space under your hood. The ultrasonic frequency emitted by the device reaches 85 decibels,⁢ causing discomfort to rodents and deterring them from causing damage to your vehicle’s wiring harnesses, fuel lines, hoses, and⁢ computers.

One of the standout features of our ultrasonic deterrent is its ⁣energy efficiency, using ⁢only 0.1 watts of power. This means you can rely on your vehicle’s‌ battery to ⁣power the unit ​without draining it quickly. Trusted by professionals in‌ the automotive ​industry, including new⁢ car dealers and repair shops, you can have‌ peace of⁤ mind knowing that your investment is⁤ protected from⁢ costly⁣ rodent damage. Don’t wait until it’s too late ⁤- safeguard your vehicle today⁣ with our MouseBlocker Ultrasonic⁣ Under Hood Deterrent. ⁤Click here to order now⁢ and ⁢keep those pesky rodents at bay!

Detailed Insights and Performance Analysis

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After testing the 12V Ultrasonic Under Hood Mouse and Rodent Deterrent, we were impressed by its powerful performance and overall efficiency.‍ The unit emits a‍ specific ultrasonic frequency that‌ is highly uncomfortable for rodents,⁣ deterring them⁢ from‍ nesting in the engine ‍area and causing damage ⁢to crucial components ⁣such as wiring harnesses and fuel lines. With a sound intensity of‌ 85 decibels, the deterrent effectively‌ keeps rodents at bay by making them ‍feel like a jackhammer is nearby.

We found the installation process to be incredibly easy, thanks to the simple 2-wire connection directly to⁢ the vehicle’s‍ battery. The unit is energy-efficient, using only 0.1 watts⁣ of power – ensuring long-lasting protection without​ draining the battery. Whether⁢ you drive a car, truck, motorcycle, or any ⁣vehicle with a 12V power source, this under hood deterrent is⁣ a must-have to safeguard your investments from rodent damage. Ensure the ‍safety of your vehicle today by purchasing this professional-grade​ deterrent here.


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Our ‍experience with⁤ the ‍12V Ultrasonic Under Hood Mouse and Rodent ⁣Deterrent has been ⁢nothing short of impressive. ​The multi-purpose functionality of this device allows us to protect a wide range of vehicles, from cars and trucks to motorcycles and ‌boats. Its ⁤compact size makes it easy to install​ under the hood, and the fact that it is unaffected by temperature extremes and moisture gives us peace of mind knowing our investments are safe.

The powerful ⁣ultrasonic frequency emitted by this deterrent effectively deters​ rodents from nesting in our vehicle’s engine area. We appreciate the⁣ energy-efficient design, as it only uses .1 Watts of power, ensuring it runs for a long time without draining the battery. Trusted by numerous automotive professionals, this professional-grade product is a ⁣reliable solution for ⁣protecting our⁢ vehicles from costly rodent damage that may not be covered by ‍warranty. Ready to safeguard your vehicle from unwanted guests? Check out the MouseBlocker on Amazon now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ‍carefully analyzing the customer reviews for the MouseBlocker Ultrasonic Under Hood Mouse and Rodent Deterrent, it is clear that opinions are divided on the effectiveness of ⁤this product.

Review Rating
Rat issues, they chewed up firewall and engine cover insulation. After installation all is good. Positive
I ⁣live in ‌a cabin in the woods, mice are here. Bought a new truck and do not want mice ⁢destroying it ⁤so asking around, my neighbors and local mechanic recommended the Mouse Blocker.Fingers crossed!Bought in January, installed in February, no longer works, fuse intact. Negative
We​ installed⁢ these for two weeks in our cars and they were completely ineffective.
Every other day we would check and there would be⁣ more and more feces, urine, and ‍food remains waiting for us (which is⁢ especially dangerous where we live given the prevalence of lethal Hantavirus). Followed the instructions to the letter and even checked with supposed real reviews online as to where to⁤ place⁢ the devices, no good. Only got some high pitches⁣ squeals. Contacted customer support and ⁤was told to remove the engine ‌liners from our cars. For reference, engine liners are a‌ fire suppression safety feature⁤ and their‌ removal would likely void our lease warranties. Also was ⁢told that the devices are‍ simply meant to keep rodents from sleeping, aka building nests, and not actually full “blocking” ‍them from approaching. Would not ‌have bought if that‍ were the case.
Was for a truck parked outside. Product ⁣worked but no‍ response from‌ the company when questioned. Neutral
I am a professional mechanic specializing in vehicle electronics. Mouseblocker is⁤ a well-made product that works well ‍for keeping mice ‌away. I installed it in my personal ⁢vehicle ​after finding ‌a large mouse nest on top of my cabin air filter, after trying dryer sheets. I was unable to use dCon due to pets around ⁢the house. Actual installation was very easy, with only minor wiring. I have⁢ had it installed⁤ for a few weeks​ and all traces of mice are gone.A few things I would ​recommend however. The device and attached⁣ fuse are not weatherproof. I installed it under the hood⁢ permanently⁣ and live in a location where salt is used on ‍the⁤ roads⁢ 6 months of the year. For ⁢the price, I personally would not take a chance of leaving the wire hole in the device open ⁤and a non-weatherproof⁣ fuse ⁢in such a hostile environment. However, it is perfect as-is for winter storage.I used a dab of sealant to ‌fill the wire hole and⁢ changed the fuse⁢ holder to a weatherproof⁣ one, being that it is a 200mA glass fuse and⁣ blade type fuses are not available that small. The device is still audible with the hood shut, but is very high pitched and‌ will not bother your ears nor⁤ your pets.It ⁢will work great for keeping mice out of your car and is simple⁢ enough to install even for people with very little electrical knowledge. Positive
I’ve had mouse activity in two different cars over the years. Thankfully just nesting evidence in the cabin ​air filter and some damage​ to the sound ‌insulation on the firewall and hood – no wiring damage (fingers⁤ crossed).In both cases, I’ve gone belt-and-suspenders approach⁣ that included this noise maker, mint ⁤spray, installing a steel mesh ⁣over the ‍cabin air intake and parking ​the car in the street rather than next to landscaping⁢ and garage. All ​of these have been cited as working.So, I don’t have a controlled ‌experiment​ to tell if this item​ is keeping them out but I can say that the COMBINATION​ of the above 3 efforts ⁣has worked⁤ for both cars. No more evidence of mouse ​activity after doing them.The one thing I noticed about the noise maker is that once the temp drops​ into the ⁤40s, the tone is ⁢inconsistent and sounds raspy. Once it’s a bit warmer ⁢either because the engine is running or ambient temp is not so cold,‌ it makes the ‍expected high pitch squeal. Positive
Get rid of mice in garage.. Positive
This⁤ is hands-down,​ the best rodent repellent device I have ever used. I ⁤have‌ use ‌it in the engine⁢ bay of⁢ my vehicle, and in various compartments‍ of my motorhome. Dryer sheets, soap, all the other alleged home remedies always seem to not work.⁤ I weekly check my engine⁣ compartment, and I have found zero rodent‌ tracks in the engine bay over the‍ past two years of using it. I have four ​in my motorhome, and they have all but eradicated the ⁤road and issues I have dealt with over⁤ the several‍ years of owning it. I highly recommend​ this product Positive

From the reviews, it is evident ⁢that while some customers ⁤have had‌ positive experiences with the ‍MouseBlocker, others have not found⁤ it effective in deterring rodents. The varying opinions highlight the importance of individual circumstances and⁤ expectations when considering this product.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Multi-purpose: Protects various types of vehicles‌ and equipment
Powerful ultrasonic frequency ⁣deters⁤ rodents effectively
Energy-saving: Uses minimal​ power
Professional grade trusted ⁣by auto industry
Easy to install directly to ⁢vehicle’s battery


May not​ work for all⁤ types of rodents
Some users report limited effectiveness
Requires constant ⁣power supply​ from vehicle’s battery


Q: How long ⁣does the MouseBlocker 12V Ultrasonic Under Hood Mouse and Rodent ​Deterrent last on a full charge?
A: The MouseBlocker is super efficient ⁤and uses only .1 Watts of Power, so it runs for a very long time on ​your vehicle’s battery without draining it. ⁣You can ‌feel confident that your expensive ⁤investments and‌ toys ​are‌ protected.

Q: Can I use the ⁣MouseBlocker on different types of vehicles?
A: Yes, the​ MouseBlocker is multi-purpose and can be used to protect cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, RV’s, boats,‍ jetskis, ⁣tractors, farm equipment, ATV’s, and dirtbikes. It can be installed ⁢anywhere there is 12V power available.

Q: Is the ultrasonic frequency‌ of the MouseBlocker harmful to humans or pets?
A: ‌No, the ultrasonic frequency emitted by the MouseBlocker is specifically chosen to be uncomfortable for rodents but safe for humans and pets. It sounds like a jackhammer to rodents, deterring them from nesting in⁤ your vehicle’s engine area and causing damage to wiring‌ harnesses, fuel lines, hoses, and computers.

Q: How​ easy is it to install the MouseBlocker?
A: ​Installation of the MouseBlocker is simple and straightforward.‍ It is a 12V powered device that requires⁢ a simple ⁢2 wire installation under the hood directly to your vehicle’s battery. Once installed, you can trust your vehicle’s‍ battery to ​provide‌ constant power to the unit, keeping your vehicle protected from rodents.

Q: Is the⁢ MouseBlocker a‍ professional-grade product?
A: Yes, the MouseBlocker is trusted ‌by hundreds⁢ of new car dealers, independent repair shops, and auto⁢ parts retailers throughout North America. It is⁣ a professional-grade deterrent that effectively ⁢protects your vehicle from costly mouse damage ⁤that is not covered by‍ your new car warranty.⁤

Seize the Opportunity

In conclusion, MouseBlocker offers a⁣ powerful and‍ efficient solution to keep ⁣rodents away from your vehicle, protecting it from ⁣costly damage. With⁣ its​ easy installation and professional grade quality, it’s no wonder why it’s trusted by so many in the industry. Don’t wait until it’s too late – safeguard your investment with MouseBlocker today! Click here to get your own ultrasonic ​deterrent: Get MouseBlocker Now.

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