Experience Ultimate Clarity with SUPER DEAL 120″ Projector Screen – Perfect for Home Cinema, Office Presentations & More!

Experience Ultimate Clarity with SUPER DEAL 120″ Projector Screen – Perfect for Home Cinema, Office Presentations & More!

Welcome to our ⁤review of​ the SUPER ⁤DEAL 120″​ Projector ⁢Screen! ⁣We had the pleasure of experiencing this ‌manual pull down HD screen firsthand, and we’re excited to share our⁢ thoughts with you.

This projector screen truly ​lives up to its ⁣name, offering a “SUPER DEAL” in terms of both ​quality and affordability. ⁢With​ its‍ 1:1 format and​ 120″ diagonal ​size,⁤ it provides a truly immersive viewing experience whether you’re using it for your home cinema, a‌ presentation in the office, ⁣or even for educational purposes.

One of the ‍standout features of this screen is its high contrast 1:1 gain, which ‍ensures⁤ clear ⁢and vibrant​ images ⁣like never before. The ⁣matte black viewing ​surface helps to ⁤diffuse light ‍evenly, while the⁣ four-sided black masking enhances the image effect ⁣even ⁣further.​ We⁤ found that the images on this screen ‌were ​sharper, clearer, and more dynamic than ever.

Another great feature of this‌ screen is ​its washable ‌surface. With its durable and anti-dust/acid material, it’s incredibly easy to‌ clean. Simply use a ​cloth and some water and⁤ your screen will⁢ look as good as ⁤new.

The⁢ adjustable screen height and the 160-degree viewing angle make​ it suitable for‌ a wide range⁢ of scenarios. Whether you’re watching a movie with friends ⁣and family or presenting to a room full of people, ‍everyone will ‍have ‍a ⁤clear view of ⁢the⁣ screen.

Overall, we were ⁢extremely impressed with the SUPER‌ DEAL 120″ Projector Screen. With ‌its superb image quality, easy ‍maintenance, and affordable⁢ price, it’s a ‍fantastic choice for anyone⁤ in need of a projector screen for home cinema, presentation,⁤ education, or public display purposes.

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<img class=”rimage_class” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/41ybhD+w7YL._AC_.jpg” alt=”Experience‌ Ultimate Clarity⁤ with SUPER DEAL 120″ Projector ​Screen – Perfect for Home Cinema, Office Presentations & More!”>
The SUPER ‍DEAL 120” Projector Screen ‌is a must-have for anyone in⁤ need of a‌ high-quality‍ projection​ screen. This screen offers‍ an impressive 1:1 gain, providing clear and vibrant images‌ that will enhance your presentations or movie‌ nights. The ⁢matte black​ viewing‍ surface helps ‍to diffuse light ‌evenly, while the⁢ 4-sided black masking ensures a better image effect. With⁣ this screen, you can say goodbye to annoying ‍wrinkles, as it is wrinkle-free and easy‌ to‌ clean. The screen ​is backed, ensuring that no light passes through, and the ⁢completely washable ⁤surface makes maintenance ‍a breeze.

One⁣ of the standout ‌features of this projector screen is its impressive size and adjustable height. With​ a viewing⁣ area of 84″ x 84″ and an overall size of 90″ H x 88″ W, ⁢this screen ⁢provides ample⁣ space for your presentations or movies. The ‌auto-locking system maintains your desired screen height adjustment, allowing for easy setup ⁤and customization. ⁤In addition, the⁤ 160-degree viewing angle ensures ⁤that​ clear ‌images are visible to audience members throughout the room. The ⁤screen is made of 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D ready material, boasting ‌full tension⁣ uniformity and a fully black backed design, which eliminates light penetration and enhances‌ the picture contrast. Its⁣ anti-dust and acid-resistant construction ensures durability and ⁤ease of⁤ cleaning, making it a practical⁢ choice ⁢for daily use. Whether‌ you are ​using it for ‌home theater, business, or ⁢educational purposes, this 120-inch screen delivers high-definition multimedia presentations that are sure⁢ to impress. Overall, the SUPER DEAL 120” Projector Screen ⁢is a ⁢reliable and versatile option for those in need of a top-notch projection screen. ⁤Upgrade your viewing ⁣experience today!

Features and Benefits

<img class=”rimage_class” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/415FpjcYKgL._AC_.jpg” alt=”Experience Ultimate Clarity with SUPER DEAL 120″ Projector Screen – Perfect ​for Home Cinema, Office Presentations & More!”>
In the section, we⁤ would like to highlight the impressive features of the SUPER DEAL 120” Projector Screen. This manual pull-down HD screen ⁣offers⁤ a 1:1 format, making it perfect for home cinema, theater‌ presentations, education, and outdoor or indoor ⁢public displays.

Here are some of the ⁢key features⁣ that make this projector screen stand ⁤out:

  1. High contrast 1:1 gain: The⁣ high contrast ratio‍ ensures clear and‍ vibrant images, ​providing an exceptional viewing experience. Images on ‌this screen are sharper, clearer, and more dynamic‌ than ever before.

  2. Matte⁣ black‌ viewing surface: The⁣ matte black screen helps ‌to diffuse light evenly,​ enhancing ⁣the quality of ⁣the⁤ projected image. It ⁢prevents any glare or hotspots, ensuring a flawless display.

  3. 4-sided black masking: The black masking borders⁢ not only frame the screen, but they⁣ also enhance the‍ overall picture contrast. This feature‌ ensures that the images projected‌ on the screen have enhanced clarity and depth.

  4. Backed screen: ⁣With its backed screen design, this projector screen prevents any light ‌from passing through, ensuring that​ you have the best possible image quality.

  5. Easy to⁤ clean:⁢ The screen is completely washable, ⁣making it easy to maintain ​and keep clean. A⁢ simple wipe with a ​cloth and some​ water is all you need to ⁣do to keep it in top condition.

These features, combined with the‍ large⁢ and ⁢adjustable screen size of approximately 120 inches diagonal, make​ the SUPER ⁢DEAL Projector Screen an excellent choice for any multimedia presentation. Whether you’re using it for home⁤ theater, ⁢business, ⁢or educational purposes, this ⁤screen delivers bright and clear‌ images in any lighting environment.

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In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

<img class=”rimage_class” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/41zklkaznEL._AC_.jpg” alt=”Experience Ultimate Clarity with SUPER⁣ DEAL 120″ Projector Screen – Perfect for Home Cinema, Office Presentations & ⁣More!”>

When it comes‍ to ‍projector screens, the‍ SUPER⁣ DEAL 120” Projection Screen is a top-notch choice that delivers exceptional performance. With​ its wrinkle-free and easy-to-clean surface, this screen ensures‌ a ‍smooth and seamless viewing experience. The‌ 1.1 gain and 160-degree viewing angle provide stunning ​image⁤ quality, whether you’re⁤ watching movies⁤ or giving presentations.

One of the ⁤standout⁣ features⁢ of this projector​ screen is its high contrast 1:1 gain, which ​produces clear and‌ vibrant images like never before. The matte‌ black viewing surface ⁣helps to evenly ‍diffuse light, creating a ⁢more immersive experience. Additionally,⁣ the 4-sided⁢ black masking adds extra depth ‍and enhances the overall image ‌effect.

The ‌screen is backed, providing ⁢superior ⁣light-blocking capabilities, so you can enjoy your content without any distractions. What’s more, the⁢ surface is completely washable, making it incredibly‍ easy‌ to maintain and keep clean. Whether you’re using it for‍ video presentations, overhead projections, ⁣or even gaming, this projector screen is a versatile and reliable option.

Overall, the SUPER DEAL 120” Projection Screen is a must-have​ for any‍ home cinema ⁣theater, presentation, ​education, or ⁢public ⁢display setup. Its⁣ large and adjustable screen, along with its ultra HD and dynamic image capabilities, ⁤will elevate your viewing experience to new heights. Don’t miss out on‍ this incredible product – Get yours today!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

<img class=”rimage_class” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/41+jhpT43uL._AC_.jpg” alt=”Experience Ultimate Clarity‍ with SUPER DEAL ‌120″ Projector Screen ⁢- Perfect ​for Home Cinema, Office Presentations & More!”>

Customer ⁤Reviews⁣ Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews, ⁣we found that‌ the ⁣majority of customers‌ are highly satisfied with the SUPER DEAL 120″ Projector⁤ Screen. ⁣Here⁣ is a summary of the ⁣key points mentioned:

  1. Lightweight and Sturdy: Customers appreciate that the screen ‌and its frame ​are lightweight yet‌ still sturdy ⁣enough to serve its purpose ‌effectively.
  2. Great Picture⁣ Quality: Many customers believe that⁣ the ⁣reflective ‌surface of the screen provides excellent picture ⁤quality, making it suitable for home cinema, office​ presentations, and other settings.
  3. Affordable Choice: Customers mention that this projector screen⁤ is an excellent ​product at an affordable price, making it a budget-friendly⁣ option.
  4. Easy to Install: The majority of customers found the installation process to ⁤be quick and‌ simple, whether hanging it from the ceiling or mounting it on a wall.
  5. Dent‍ in the Metal: Some customers experienced a slight dent in the metal frame upon receiving the product. However, this did not affect‍ the screen’s functionality.
  6. Additional Hardware Required: A few customers mention that they had to purchase additional hardware to hang ​the‌ screen from the ceiling. The included hardware worked well for wall‌ mounting.
  7. Dimensions and Ripples: A couple of customers mentioned that the given ‌dimensions of ‍the screen ⁢were not accurate, and⁣ there were some ⁤ripples present. However, the functionality of‌ the screen remained unaffected.
  8. Color Availability: One customer​ expressed ‍frustration about the lack​ of‌ black-colored options for this‍ screen size. However, this ‍did not impact the overall​ satisfaction with​ the product.
  9. Projection Quality: One customer reported not seeing⁣ the full 4K​ projection quality on⁢ the screen, but‌ it was unclear whether this was due to ‍the screen⁤ or the projector itself.
  10. Well-Made and Affordable: A few customers emphasized the quality construction⁤ of⁢ the screen and ‌praised its affordability.

In conclusion, the ⁢SUPER​ DEAL 120″ Projector Screen‍ has received positive feedback‍ from customers. Its lightweight yet sturdy⁢ design, great picture quality, affordability,​ and easy installation​ make it a popular choice among users. While a few customers experienced minor issues⁢ like denting in the metal frame, ‌ripples⁢ on the screen, or the need for additional hardware, these did not‍ significantly impact the‍ overall satisfaction with the product. We recommend‍ this projector screen as a budget-friendly option for various applications, including home cinema, office presentations, and outdoor use.

Pros & Cons

Experience Ultimate Clarity with SUPER DEAL 120″ Projector Screen – Perfect for Home Cinema, Office Presentations & More!插图


  1. The 1:1 high gain of this projector screen​ provides brighter images, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  2. The auto-locking system ⁤allows for easy⁣ adjustment of ​the screen height, providing convenience and flexibility.
  3. The​ 160-degree viewing ⁢angle ensures clear images for audience ⁢members ⁤throughout the room.
  4. The 4K ​Ultra HD and Active 3D ready material delivers a dynamic ⁤image with full tension uniformity.
  5. The black masking border enhances picture⁢ contrast, resulting in sharper and clearer images.
  6. The matte black screen effectively diffuses‌ light evenly, creating a high-quality viewing experience.
  7. The screen is constructed of a durable and easy-to-clean material, making maintenance a ⁤breeze.


  1. This projector screen⁢ is‍ manual, requiring ⁤manual operation to pull down the screen⁣ and⁢ adjust its height.
  2. The screen size may be too large for smaller spaces, limiting ​its suitability for certain settings.
  3. While the black backing ⁤eliminates light penetration, ​it might not⁢ be ideal for rooms with ⁣excessive⁣ ambient‌ light.
  4. The black masking border, while ‍enhancing ⁣picture​ contrast,⁤ may obstruct a small portion of the projected image.


Experience Ultimate Clarity with SUPER DEAL 120″ Projector Screen – Perfect for Home Cinema, Office Presentations & More!插图1
Q: Is the SUPER DEAL projector screen easy to‌ set up?

A: Absolutely! The ⁣SUPER DEAL 120” Projector⁢ Screen is ​designed to ⁤be user-friendly. It features a ​manual pull-down mechanism, ‌making it effortless ‌to ⁢set⁣ up in any​ location. Whether you want to ⁢enjoy a movie night in your home cinema or give a presentation in the office, this projector screen​ is a breeze to‌ install.

Q: ⁢How does the ⁢1:1 high gain affect the image quality?

A: The 1:1 high gain of the SUPER DEAL projector screen ensures that ⁤you have⁣ bright, clear images ⁣like never before. With its ⁣high‍ contrast ratio, you can expect vibrant colors and sharp ​details that ⁣will⁢ enhance your viewing experience.​ Whether you’re⁤ watching a movie⁤ or presenting important data, the image quality‍ on this screen ⁤will⁢ not disappoint.

Q: Can I use this projector screen in outdoor ​settings?

A: ‌Yes, you ​can ⁣definitely use the SUPER DEAL⁣ projector screen for outdoor ⁣activities. Its 160-degree ​viewing⁣ angle ensures that everyone in the audience can enjoy a ⁢clear view,​ even outdoors. The black backing ‍of the ⁣screen eliminates light penetration,​ allowing ⁤you⁤ to have ⁢a well-defined⁢ picture even in⁣ bright environments.

Q: Is it​ easy to clean the projector ‍screen?

A: Absolutely! ⁤The SUPER DEAL projector‍ screen is ⁢designed with convenience⁣ in mind. The matte black viewing surface‌ is ⁤completely washable,‌ making it easy to ⁤clean. Simply use‌ a cloth and some water to maintain the screen’s pristine condition. This⁤ feature ‍ensures ​that your projector screen will​ stay in⁣ top-notch shape even after repeated use.

Q: What is the size of the SUPER DEAL projector screen?

A: The⁣ SUPER DEAL ‍projector screen has an impressive diagonal size ⁤of approximately 120 inches, providing ⁤you‍ with a stunning viewing experience. ‍The viewing area measures ‍84″ x 84″,‌ and⁣ the overall ‍size is⁤ 90″ H x 87″. ⁤This generous size makes it suitable for various settings,⁤ including ‌home cinemas, offices, classrooms, and outdoor events.

Q: ‍Does the projector screen enhance picture ‌contrast?

A:⁤ Yes, it does! ‍The SUPER DEAL projector screen incorporates ​black borders ⁢that not only frame the screen ⁤but ⁤also enhance ⁣picture contrast. This means ‍that the images displayed on​ this screen will be sharper,⁤ clearer, and more dynamic than ever⁣ before. You can‍ expect a high-quality visual experience every time you use this projector screen.

Q: Is⁤ the SUPER DEAL projector screen durable?

A: ‌Absolutely! The SUPER⁣ DEAL projector⁤ screen is constructed with premium matte black screen material that is both anti-dust and acid-resistant. This makes it durable for everyday use, whether you’re ​watching movies, delivering presentations, or engaging ‍in ​other multimedia activities. You can rest assured that this projector‍ screen will stand the test of time.

Q: Can⁣ I use ⁤this projector screen for multimedia presentations?

A:⁢ Definitely! The⁣ SUPER DEAL ‌projector screen ⁤is perfect for multimedia presentations. ⁤Its high ‌gain‌ screen delivers bright images in ‍any lighting environment,​ making it‌ suitable for both home theater use and business or ⁤educational environments. Whether you’re showcasing graphs, videos, or slides, this⁢ projector screen will provide you with a crisp‌ and‌ clear display.

In conclusion, the SUPER DEAL 120” Projector Screen is a top-notch ​choice for anyone looking to enhance their viewing ‌experience. With​ its easy setup, ⁤high⁢ image quality,​ and⁢ durable construction, this projector screen will exceed your expectations. Whether you’re enjoying a ​movie night⁤ at ⁢home or delivering ⁢a ⁢professional presentation, the SUPER DEAL projector screen ⁣is the​ ultimate companion for ‍your multimedia needs. ⁣

Seize ⁤the Opportunity

<img class=”rimage_class” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/41L0pNXsRuL._AC_.jpg” alt=”Experience Ultimate ⁤Clarity with SUPER DEAL 120″‍ Projector Screen ‌- Perfect ⁣for Home Cinema, Office Presentations ⁤& More!”>
In conclusion, the⁤ SUPER ⁢DEAL 120″ Projector Screen is the​ ultimate addition to your⁣ home cinema, office‍ presentations, or any other viewing‍ needs.​ With its wrinkle-free and⁤ easy-to-clean matte black surface,⁣ this screen provides superior clarity and image ⁤quality.

The high contrast 1:1 gain ensures ⁢clear and vibrant images, while the black masking⁢ border enhances picture ‍contrast for ​sharper, clearer, and more dynamic​ visuals. The 160-degree‌ viewing ⁤angle‍ guarantees⁤ that everyone in ‍the room can enjoy the same crystal-clear images.

Not only is this projector screen perfect for home theaters, but it also ⁢excels in business and educational environments. Its durable construction and ⁢anti-dust/acid material make it ideal​ for everyday use, and ‍the fully black backed‌ design eliminates any light‍ penetration.

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Upgrade your movie nights, ⁣presentations, and more with the SUPER DEAL 120″ Projector Screen -⁣ the ultimate choice⁤ for clarity, convenience, and versatility.

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