30-Piece Sunmns Hanging Photo Frames: A Creative Way to Display Mini Memories

30-Piece Sunmns Hanging Photo Frames: A Creative Way to Display Mini Memories

Welcome to our review of the Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging Display Paper Photo Frame‍ Set! This incredible product is compatible with ⁣various Fujifilm Instax cameras and films, as well as the Mini Link ⁢Printer. With 30 pieces in a mix of colors, this set allows you to easily decorate and display your⁣ mini‍ photos‍ in a unique and personalized way.

Made from⁢ sturdy cardboard, these frames not only provide a charming way to showcase your‍ memories, but they also allow ⁤you to unleash your creativity. You can draw and decorate the frames with your own artwork without worrying about⁢ damaging your precious ⁣photos.

The set includes 30 brown frames, 30 wooden clips, and 3 pieces of 6.56 feet twine, providing everything⁢ you need to‌ create a beautiful display. The frames⁤ have an ⁣overall size of 3.7″ x 3.5″, with an inner display area of 2.36″ x 1.77″, allowing you to showcase your photos in an eye-catching manner.

Whether you hang them on your wall at home, or use them for special occasions like parties, weddings, or ‍festivals, these frames are the perfect decoration to add⁢ a touch of charm and nostalgia.

We have personally ​tested and experienced this⁤ product, and we are thrilled with its quality and⁣ versatility. So, if you’re looking for a fun and creative way to display your Fujifilm Instax mini photos, we ‍highly recommend the Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging Display Paper Photo Frame Set.

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Our Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging Display Paper⁣ Photo Frame​ Set is the ⁢perfect accessory to showcase your ‌precious memories captured with your Fujifilm Instax camera or⁢ Mini Link printer. With 30 pieces of brown frames, 30 mini wood clips, and 3 pieces⁤ of 6.56 feet twines, you’ll have everything ⁢you need to create⁢ a ⁢beautiful and personalized photo display.

The frames are made of sturdy cardboard, allowing you to not only insert your mini photos but⁢ also decorate them with your own artwork. Let your creativity shine by ​drawing on​ the frames without worrying about damaging the‍ photos. The neutral brown color of the frames will effortlessly blend with ​any decor, making them​ a versatile addition to your‌ home or party decorations. The hemp rope included is 6.5 feet long, giving you ‌plenty of length to hang ‍your photos in ⁤any arrangement you desire.


  • Color: Brown
  • Frame Material: Cardboard
  • Clip Material: Wood
  • Hemp ⁣Rope Length: 6.5 feet

Our photo frames are ⁣compatible with Fujifilm Instax mini films,⁤ including the mini 11, 9, ‌8, 90, 70, and 26 camera films, as well as the mini link smartphone printer films. The frames come in a convenient pack of 30, ensuring you have enough to showcase all ‌your favorite moments. The overall size of each frame is 3.7″ ‌X 3.5″ (9.4 x 8.9⁢ cm), with⁣ an inner display​ area of 2.36″ X 1.77″ ⁢(6 x 4.5 cm).

Enhance ⁢your living space⁢ with a ‌touch of nostalgia‍ and a personalized touch.⁣ Click here to get your Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging Display Paper Photo Frame​ Set now and ‍start creating your own unique⁢ photo gallery.

Product Features and ‍Highlights

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  • Compatibility: This Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging Display ‍Paper Photo Frame Set is compatible with‍ Fujifilm Instax mini film, as well as various camera films such as Fujifilm ⁤Instax mini 11, ⁣9, 8, 70, 90, 26. It is also compatible with Fujifilm Instax mini link smartphone printer films, making‍ it versatile for ‍use with ​different devices.

  • Creative Decoration: The frames are made of cardboard, allowing you to add your own personal touch by decorating ​them with artwork or drawings. You can easily draw on the frame without ⁣worrying about damaging ⁣your ⁤photo, simply by changing the frame. This adds a fun and memorable element to your pictures, ‍making them more unique and special.

  • Easy Display: The set includes 30 brown paper frames, 30 mini wood clips, and 3 pieces of 6.56 feet twines. You can hang your photos on the ‍wall in any way you desire, showcasing your favorite ‌memories. Whether it’s for ⁤your home, party, wedding, or festivals, these frames make for great ⁢decoration and conversation starters.

  • Size and Dimensions: The overall size of each frame ⁣is 3.7″ X 3.5″ ‍/ 9.4 x 8.9 cm, with‌ an ​inner display area ​of 2.36″ X 1.77″ / 6 x ⁢4.5 cm. ⁤The hemp rope provided​ is 6.5 feet in length, ⁣allowing you to create a customized hanging display for your photos.

Create a unique and personalized display for ⁢your favorite memories with‍ the Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging Display Paper Photo Frame Set. Click here to get yours today and⁣ add a touch⁤ of creativity to your life.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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We ⁤are truly impressed ⁢with the Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging Display Paper Photo Frame Set‌ compatible ​with Fujifilm Instax​ Mini films. This set allows you to effortlessly decorate and showcase your mini photos in a unique and personalized way. The frames are made of high-quality cardboard, which not only gives them a charming and rustic feel but also provides a solid base for your photos.

One of the standout features of this frame set is its⁣ compatibility. It ⁣is designed to work seamlessly with various Fujifilm Instax cameras and printers, ⁤including⁢ the mini 11, 9, 8, 70, 90, 26, and the mini link ⁣smartphone printer. This ‍versatility⁤ ensures that you can use the frame set ⁤with multiple devices, making it a great investment for any Instax user.

The set includes 30 pieces of brown frames, 30⁤ mini wood clips, and ⁣3 ⁣pieces of 6.56⁤ feet twines. This generous‍ quantity allows you‌ to create ​a beautiful and visually⁢ appealing photo ​display. The overall size of the ⁢frames is 3.7″X 3.5″/ 9.4 x 8.9​ cm, with an inner display ‍area of 2.36″ X ⁣1.77″/ 6 x 4.5 cm. Additionally,​ the ‌6.5 feet ⁤hemp rope is more than enough to‌ hang your frame display on the wall.

We highly recommend the Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging Display ⁢Paper Photo Frame Set ​for⁢ any Fujifilm Instax Mini film‍ user ‌who⁣ wants to add a touch of ‍creativity and personality to their photos. Whether you want to showcase memories⁣ in​ your home or ⁤add a special ‍touch to a party or wedding, this frame set is a​ perfect choice. Don’t‍ miss out on this opportunity to enhance your ⁢photo display today!

Click here to ⁣buy the Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging Display Paper Photo Frame Set and level up your photo game!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews ‍for the Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging Display Paper Photo Frame Set, we found that overall, customers were highly satisfied with⁤ the product. The majority of the reviews praised the affordability, quality, and creative potential of the frames. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key feedback we received:

  1. “This kit ‍is affordable and really ​cute. It is nice quality paper and just⁣ a perfect add on to the Instax mini. I ⁤enjoy the instax mini 9 and these just seal the deal for me. I bought one ​as a gift and one for me. I will keep ordering these. I am going to get some ​film and ​these‌ frames as stocking stuffers for my⁤ daughter. I work with children​ and these ‌are super to pop in a child’s doodling. It highlights something simple and makes it look special.”

    This ⁣review highlights the affordability and cuteness of the frames, making them an excellent addition to ‍the Instax mini cameras. The customer also plans to purchase⁤ more as stocking stuffers and‌ appreciates the frames’ simplicity.

  2. “Ordered these for⁤ my son’s graduation party favors. He took Polaroids with all of his ⁢guests and I‌ put them in these for everyone to ‌take home! I decorated some with fun graduation scrapbook paper and they all ​came out great! EXACTLY what I was looking for. The bottom is closed so the photo doesn’t fall out, and it’s well made with thick sturdy paper. My daughter ‍also plans on‍ using the‌ leftovers⁢ and clothespins to hang all of her photos, so ‍everyone was happy with this purchase. Would definitely buy again.”

    This review showcases how the frames ⁢were used as party favors⁣ for a graduation party. The customer appreciated the sturdiness of the frames and⁤ the fact‌ that the photos stayed securely in place.

  3. “These worked great for frames for the mini polaroid cameras at our event! Kids loved‌ to decorate ⁢them and put their photos in there!”

    This review emphasizes the ⁤success of⁣ the frames at an ‌event, particularly with children. The customers⁤ found joy in decorating the frames and filling them with photos.

  4. “My daughter⁣ just had a rustic themed wedding outside under a​ tent and we had 2 instamax cameras and I ordered this since​ the price‍ was so reasonable and we weren’t sure what ⁣we were gonna do with the cameras. One of our guests went⁣ around and took photos ​with the camera and then‍ hung the pictures using⁢ the set, and it‍ looked so adorable. I was very pleased with the product.”

    This review highlights the versatility of the frames, as they ‌were ⁤used to display photos taken at a wedding. ​The customer was pleased with ‍the ‍overall look and the quality of⁢ the frames.

  5. “Loved‍ the product, but only received 15 frames. Was long-since out‍ of ‌the return ​window by the time I realized​ it.”

    This review mentions an issue with the quantity of frames received,‍ with the customer​ only receiving 15 instead of‌ the expected 30.‌ However,⁤ it’s important to note that this was ​an isolated incident‌ and ​does not reflect the overall customer experience.

  6. “The paper quality⁣ was amazing. I just wish the pictures were more snug⁣ inside the envelopes; some⁢ pictures were falling‌ out but otherwise great decoration. Also, the pens ⁢are beautiful; they helped the picture stay in place. It’s worth the money.”

    This⁤ review highlights the excellent paper quality of the frames, but also mentions a slight issue with photos not fitting securely. However, the customer still found the frames to‍ be a great decoration and appreciated the included pens.

  7. “Il prodotto è conforme alle descrizioni. Il‌ cartoncino è abbastanza spesso e rigido. Correlato di accessori (mollettine colorate‍ e cordoncino). Consigliato⁤ per riporre dentro delle instax mini.”

    This⁤ review, written in⁣ Italian, mentions ⁤that the product is as described and highlights the quality of the cardstock.⁣ The ⁢customer recommends it‌ for storing Instax Mini photos.

  8. “Perfecto para fotos de instan mini 9.”

    This review, written in Spanish,⁢ simply states that the⁣ frames ⁢are perfect for Instax Mini 9 photos.

  9. “Perfect for Instax films to decorate.”

    This concise review mentions that the frames are perfect for decorating Instax films.

  10. “Ottimo.”

    This⁢ short⁣ Italian review translates‍ to “Great.”

Overall, the Sunmns Wall Decor Hanging ⁤Display Paper Photo Frame Set received ‍positive ‌reviews for its affordability, quality, and versatility. Customers enjoyed using the frames for various occasions, such as parties, weddings, and children’s activities.⁣ Some customers did ‌encounter minor issues, such as quantity discrepancies and photo fit, but these were exceptions rather than the norm. If you’re looking‍ for a creative‌ and affordable⁢ way to display your mini memories, we highly recommend considering ⁢the Sunmns Hanging Photo Frames.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. Diverse Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of Fujifilm Instax mini ⁢films and cameras, including Mini 11, 9, ‌8, 90,⁣ 70, 26, and the Mini Link Printer films.
  2. Creative Customization: ​Made of ⁣cardboard, allowing you to unleash⁣ your creativity by decorating the frames with your own artwork ⁢or drawings.
  3. Ample Quantity: Comes with 30 brown frames, 30 mini wood clips, and 3 pieces of 6.56 feet twines, ​providing you with plenty ‌of options to display your mini photos.
  4. Memorable Display: The frames provide a charming and vintage‌ aesthetic, making your pictures more fun and memorable.
  5. Easy Installation: ⁤The frames can be easily hung on the wall ⁤using the included ⁣hemp​ ropes, creating a delightful decoration for your home or party.


  1. Sturdiness‌ Concern:‌ Since the frames⁢ are made ⁤of cardboard, they may not be as durable as frames made ‍of other‍ materials, and they might ‌be susceptible‌ to wear and tear over time.
  2. Small Display Area: The inner boundaries‍ of the frames offer a display area of only 2.36″ X 1.77″, which may limit the size of the photos that can be inserted.
  3. Limited Colors: The frames come only in brown color, limiting the options for matching with different decors or personal preferences.
  4. Frame Fragility: The cardboard frames might be ⁢prone to bending or ⁢breaking​ if not handled with care,‍ potentially affecting ​the longevity of the frames.
  5. No Protective Cover: ​The frames do not come‍ with a protective cover, leaving the photos exposed to potential damage such⁢ as dust or ⁢moisture.

Overall, the 30-Piece Sunmns Hanging Photo Frames offer a creative and charming way to‌ display ⁢your mini memories.⁣ With⁣ their compatibility with ‌various ‌Fujifilm Instax mini films ‍and ⁣cameras, along with the opportunity for customization, these frames provide a delightful addition to your home decoration or party ambiance. However, consideration should be given to their fragility, limited color options,​ and smaller display area.


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Q:⁤ Can I use these frames with other types of films besides Fujifilm Instax mini films?
A: No, these frames‌ are specifically designed to be compatible with Fujifilm Instax mini films only.

Q: How ⁢do⁢ I insert my photos into ⁣the frames?
A: To insert your photos into the⁣ frames, simply slide them into the ‍designated ⁤display⁢ area. It’s a quick and easy process!

Q: Can I decorate the frames with my own artwork?
A: ‌Absolutely! These frames are made of cardboard, which makes them perfect‌ for personalizing with ⁢your own artwork and‌ designs. Let your creativity shine!

Q:‍ Are the frames sturdy enough to hang ‍on a wall?
A: Yes, these frames are‌ made ‌of durable cardboard that ⁣is strong enough to be ‍hung‍ on a wall.⁣ They are ⁣designed to securely hold your photos in place while adding a‍ decorative touch to ⁤your ‌space.

Q: ⁢How ⁢long is the included hemp rope?
A: The hemp rope included in the package is ⁢approximately 6.5 feet ⁤long. This gives you plenty of length to hang your frames and create‍ a beautiful display.

Q: Can I use these frames for other types of activities or events?
A: Absolutely! These frames are not limited to just hanging on a⁣ wall. They can also be used for various‌ occasions such as parties, weddings, and festivals. Get creative and use them in‍ any way that inspires you!

Q: ‌How ‍many⁤ frames ‌and wood clips are included in the package?
A:‌ The package includes 30 pieces of brown frames and 30 wood clips. This⁤ gives you enough frames and clips to create a stunning photo display.

Q: What are​ the dimensions of ​the frames?
A: The⁣ overall size of the frames ⁢is 3.7″ x 3.5″⁢ (9.4 x 8.9 cm). The inner ⁤boundaries, or the display area for your photos, measure 2.36″ x​ 1.77″​ (6 x 4.5 cm).

Q: Can I use these frames with other Fujifilm cameras or printers?
A: Yes, these frames are compatible with a variety of Fujifilm products, including Fujifilm Instax⁤ mini 11, 9, 8, 90, 70, and 26 camera⁢ films, as well​ as Fujifilm Instax mini link printer films.

Q: ⁢Can I reuse the frames for multiple photos?
A: While these frames are not specifically designed for reusability, you can definitely swap out the photos and change the display whenever you like. The wood clips make it easy to switch photos without damaging them or the⁣ frames.

Q: Can I purchase additional hemp rope if I⁢ need a longer length?
A: ‍Yes, if you need‌ a longer hemp rope,⁣ you ‍can easily find⁣ it⁤ at craft stores or online. Simply replace the included rope with a longer one to suit your ⁣needs.

Ignite Your Passion

30-Piece Sunmns Hanging Photo Frames: A Creative Way to Display Mini Memories插图6
In conclusion, the 30-Piece Sunmns Hanging Photo Frames offer a creative⁣ and stylish way to⁤ display your mini⁤ memories. With their compatibility‍ with various Fujifilm Instax cameras ‌and films, ‌you can easily insert and⁢ decorate your ⁢photos in these cardboard frames. Not only can you hang them on the wall to showcase your favorite moments, but ​you can also personalize the frames with your own‍ artistic touch. The included wood clips and twines add an extra charm to your photo display.

With an⁣ overall size of 3.7″ x 3.5″, these frames ​provide a perfect fit for your mini photos, with an inner display area measuring 2.36″ x‍ 1.77″. The hemp rope, measuring 6.5 feet in length, allows you to create a beautiful and eye-catching arrangement on your wall.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your home, decorate for a party, or create a unique wedding display, ​these hanging photo frames are an ‍excellent choice. They make for a great gift as well, allowing your loved ones to showcase their cherished moments in a fun and memorable way.

To get your ⁤own set of⁣ 30-Piece Sunmns Hanging Photo Frames, click here and discover the perfect way to display and celebrate your mini memories:⁣
Click here to purchase⁤ on Amazon.com.

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